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  • Oh lol I had leaved that time. But was less than a month if I remember well. Now you seemed to have leaved forever bro!
    And yes, we were on a battle that you were totally trying to cut my head off!

    What happened for you to leave? And how're you doing, bro?
    I have the permission from your referee. Do you mind if I take over your match against Master Chief?
    Yeah, I saw. Unfortunately, my computer decided to hate me. It deleted all my reffing notes for your match before last round. I recompiled them and did last round, and then my computer ate the new stuff, too. So I've been loathe to recompile again. I'll do it this weekend, though.
    I mean, I can go through and collect the notes again, but I deleted the original ones. You can continue the match if you like, or I can cancel it/declare it a draw. It's up to you. Just VM me or post in the thread if you want it continued.
    Wild Charge through the first Scald to strike. Then Thunderbolt before the second. If they aren't paralyzed afterwards... or dead *cough*, use Thunder. [3hree]...
    Why kill my poor Osha that way, that was like, murder! D:
    Yes, I am still up for a match.

    Also, while I do not care much which site it happens on, I have two matches on the other site. The max is three though I think, so unless I'm wrong about that it can be either. Thanks~
    Well, I don't have any in mind now, haha! But when I'll have an idea, I'll contact you, haha!

    Anyway, we need a rematch of our rematch someday, so.
    Ha! Nice idea!
    Yeah, I like this one.
    I know people from São Paulo more. Since it's based on that place and it's a random battle, I would say the one losing would receive a moral boost, rather than the one winning. But I like the onlookers stuff.
    Yep. He'll do it tomorrow.

    Anyway, I have created arena for some lol matches against people. Have you seen it? It's on TO
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