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  • Sure! I haven't checked the challenge thread today, but I'll go put you on the Queue. You're behind two other people, but once my slots open up (and I have three that are about to end) I can shuffle through them and get each match going. I'll let you know when the match hits the ref queue.
    Book, my dear, should I take your challenge, on that post you've made on... Open challenges? Or you'll made a new post?
    I am saying they can't be compared to their mega forms from the main game. Have you seen what a Mega Mawile and Charizard can do there? Havoc! Pure!

    I haven't seen yet, but considering their SC, I don't it'll be that a big deal like in comp.
    Not now. I'll leave it for later, so you don't have to worry, haha!
    Although Mega-forms aren't that great thing on PASBL, though. Not like they are on comp, at least.
    Okay, but just wait my match against BLEU to end. I'll ask Mew to do a ref now, and see how it'll go.
    LMAO too! But thanks!

    CALALALAUNCHER will send ur 'mons flying, lol. 3 vs 3? We could make something like, using only 2 gen VI mon and one from other gen. Do you mind?
    I don't, 'kay? You know, Marscella and Swirlix are super, hyper, duper fashion. They know all about shopping mall, 'kay.
    Oh, I'm sorry. One of my slots are in use. Although it's ending already.
    Do you have how many slots free? AND YOU COULD HAVE WAIT!!!
    Did you see? Gen VI is finally out. You've got yourself a quite pack of Fighting types, eh?
    I've got myself a Chespin, Noibat, Clauncher and Swirlix. Lemme see how will Swirlix work. I just wish Noibat knew Boomburst. Although... It's unlikely I would use. I could get me a Chatot someday, though.
    contrail said he will be able to rapid ref our match to finish it on saturday, let me know if you can be online
    Candy? And will yoh apply too? Oh, great. Although I doubt I'll be passing, really. If I do, I'll be surprised. Because, you know, my English. You know, I don't know, haha!

    1 vs 1 matches should be quick, and it's fun how you start not knowing anything about which pokémon your opponent you'll be using. Basically, you're blind.
    I'm thinking of giving my Geist a Sig too, but I'm not sure what can I give to him.
    Any ideas? My Hope (Ledyba), will also receive a type change soon. Just hope it's accepted!
    Indeed. Besides, there's a lot of PASBLers with loss on their profiles. I mean, some has 21 losses and 13 wins. Really, who ****ing cares. It's supposed to be fun, after all, not some a competition we which will decide our life's future, haha! Really... **** this. I'm doing it because I like it. Winning is nothing everything.

    My open slot is taken now. Although it'll be extremely quick battle. 1 vs 1. I just want to apply to be a ref. Let me see what I can do.
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