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  • Thanks, and it doesn't matter if you're late. Glad you said it anyway.
    Nothin' much. Doing some rates, working on my first FF.net fanfic, and getting yelled at by my mom
    How's life on your end?
    Idk what you mean. You want to know how to write its name in Japanese? Or just have a nickname? I can do either, but give me some guidelines on what you'd like the name to actually be.
    Dude, it's okay to very subtly mention about using an emulator, but screaming things like "I GOT A ROM" could get you into trouble. D:
    It has to do with the game mechanics and your shiny frame. Basically, if you are on any app besides the coin toss app, then your shiny frame will continuously jump around randomly, hindering your chances of hatching a shiny.
    O yeah make sure the magikarp or ditto your using to breed is japanese. Then when your done hatching the karp, you switch out the parents and hatch away some more.
    Okay, now like I said before, you wuld like to hatch 150 eggs without turning your game off. Now, as you probably know, Magikarp eggs hatch very quickly. So, you want to hatch a good amount of magikarp eggs, ideally between 100-120 (hatching in groups of 5, then releasing, to help count), then you want to hatch 50-30 eggs of the pokemon that you want to get a shiny of. Now the worst case scenario, you accidentally get a shiny magikarp (boo hoo). Anyway, you dont have to hatch 100 or 120 magikarps, you can hatch however many you feel is a good number, while leaving your game on and following the other rules, then proceeding to hatch whatever pokemon you want a shiny of. turn it off after 150 eggs hatched this helps ensure you get a good shiny frame.
    Masuda method is taking a pokemon from a foreign language cartridge game and breeding it with a pokemon from your game cart to increase the odds of hatching a shiny to 1 in 2048. This can be helped along further if you hatch eggs continuosly without turning your game off, battling, or using wifi.
    Master of the Eon? Lol.
    Not much, I'm turning 17 on Friday, but other than that, not much is happening.
    And I've stopped making teams at the moment, it took a beating from Tyrant to make me realize I'm still rather n00by.
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