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  • Did anybody even rate your double battle team?
    Ya, I write fanfics, I have one that flopped, and two that are in progress on Serebii.net. One other on FF.net.
    Lol xD

    I just transferred my lv 100 Milotic from Platinum to HeartGold. Now I'm gonna see some cute little Milotic following me around. :3 Plus I need a tank to catch Ho-Oh :p

    Go to Animeswan.com. I noticed they have the banned Safari Dratini episode and another one called Porygon something
    funny I wanted to also. Maybe if I watch it a bunch of times, I could have seizures and that would get me outta school for a day =]

    All the banned episodes are on the main serebii site.
    Most of the banned episodes were in season 1. There was a world wide banned episode no one can find. It was the porygon episode where Ash in Co. went into cyber space, and when team rocket launched missles at them PIkcachu thunderbolted them, therebye creating Severe flashes of Red and blue. This in turned, when first aired in Japan. Hospitalized 700 Jap kids who had seizures from that episode.
    I have seen the one banned episode in which ash saw the dratini in the safari zone. It was banned because the warden kept pulling out a gun on ash.
    no he helped him in battle. My sister's are watching the ep now on video, so I should see again. I think he stayed at the gym. No ghastly,gengar,and haunter were watching Pokemon. The "uncut" version. ROFL
    I dont quite remember whatever the hell happened to Ash's haunter that he obtained at the pokemon Tower.
    Well, Route 1 is your best bet, considering each have a 50% chance of being found.
    Route 2 is similar, except you have a chance of Caterpie and Weedle as well...

    Route 5, Pidgey has the highest chance of being found, and Bellsprout/Oddish and Meowth are there also.

    That's it, really. D:
    Haha. I configured it to "F" because I like using space as my "A" button. ;3
    I wouldn't mind doing a SR with you for Heatran at some point, but like you at the moment, I'd be too impatient. Not to mention that I use my Diamond game for pretty much everything (chaining, EV training, etc.)

    Try going for wild encounter shinies before you try SRing. You get more encounters done in a minute compared to SRing, and usually there's a wider variety on what can show up shiny.
    If you don't like Rattata (as Route 1 has a chance of shiny Rattatas, too), you can try elsewhere on LG/FR instead. If so, let me know, and I'll hunt there too. :3
    Location: inside a pidgeot's nest.

    The pidgey look hungry. Pidgeot couldnt find any fo--- Oh what do we have here. FOOD.

    Bossk: see this brach look's tastier.. he he...
    Bossk: aww crap
    Exactly, Unkown was the pokemon "chanters" teh spiritual/rituallist's. They could bring back pokemon, control peoples minds, they were invincible. Hell, they brung back Enteii. So what was gamefreak thinking with "secret power only"? some pokemon have there own specail moves. Heres some moves for unkown

    Chant-- physic. Status
    This move revives 1 pokemon in your party with 10% left.
    Unkown Exclusive

    ritual--physic. Status
    This move controls your opponet pokemons Next move will be.
    Unkown Exclusive

    Those are some good made up moves, those moves alone, Would FORCE Unkown To the "uber" and OU tier's. even if it had 1 stat it would make it there. Also I beleive unkown should learn physic

    Kick ***...
    It's alright to cheat for small, certain things (like a couple of items). I use shiny codes only to see what they look like in battle, and then I don't bother catching them; I just run away.
    I'm okay with people using shiny codes, like you are. You're not claiming that they're 1/8192 shinies, you declare straight away that they're hacked. That's great.
    But even still, it's good to be discreet about such things. <:

    And I DO know how bad you want one. I've wanted a shiny Chikorita for SO LONG and now I've finally gotten one. He is, right now, alongside my VERY FIRST EVER shinies, my most cherished.

    How about we race? It could help with motivation, for the both of us. I [/i]would[/i] be using emulator, but that should discourage you (my real LG is at a friend's place).
    technically were talking about forgots... movesets..... And honestly I dont care if he gets mad, he uses empty threats.... empty empty threats...
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