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  • im increasing my post count like crazy at the forgotten pokemon club. keep posting!!
    we can adavnce so much ranks bye tommorow
    first pickachu- always gonna say even though he sucks balls
    next came buterfree-- He was let go during the buterfree mating festival thingy
    pidgeot- let go to help the pidgeotoo
    primape-- let go after the fighting pokemon tourny to train with the champ
    squirtle-- let go after a while to go back with squirtle squad
    bulbasaur--let go back to be with prof oak
    charizard--let go to train and become stronger with the wild charizard
    lapras-- let go to return with its mother and flock (he also helped ash win the orange cup
    snorlax-- let go....................
    chikorita-- let go................
    dont tell me the last im still watching season 3 on ep 22 i think
    Hey, I know that shiny hunting, SRing especially is time consuming and hard to stick with, but resorting to using AR every time you grow impatient, really doesn't answer it.

    People on the club really frown at cheats, even ones that people admit to, so try and keep those statements to yourself, kay? Otherwise some people could look badly at you and assume that you do it to all of your shinies (saying that in the nicest way possible), when you obviously don't.

    Instead of SRing Heatran, why not try and hunt for a shiny Pidgey on LG/FR if you have one of the two? Pidgey is monster-common at Route 1, and both Pidgey and Rattata give off Speed EVs if you're an EV trainer, so it's convenient to hunt there.
    ... double posting what you said isn't going to get a different answer.

    I told you what to do. It's blatantly obvious you have NOT read any of the rules concerning Author's Cafe OR Fanfic forum/Non fanfic subforum. It's painfully clear you are also impatient as instead of asking a mod, you ask me.

    Instead of taking your time to explain, you gush it out.

    Are you talking about posting a fic or posting a general idea. If it's a general idea you post it in the damned Fic Idea v.2 thread. If it's a completed prologue or chapter you post it in the fanfic or non fanfic subforum.

    Now as I said Go Read The Rules :/
    ... so posting = I am a mod? Wow :/

    Before you do anything. Go read Advice for Aspiring Authors and The Rules since it's kinda blatantly obvious you've not read either :/

    The rules will pretty much explain what or why you would need mod approval for some content or to the extent of the content that you can post without mod approval.

    And no you don't go to a thread made by another user or make a thread and then start up your ideas :/
    He's just lucky it was me who rated it and not CHAOTIC TYRANT(ZOMG, RUN FOR THE HILLS!!! \O_O/), he would have probably hung himself. And I was being nice about it, he's so dumb. Almost as dumb as poke_noob. Not to be confused with Randomn00b, n00b is good.
    No prob. You want to see a really bad one, check Lucario0708's REVAMPED Soul Silver Team. Holy Pidgeot Crap, it SUCKS.
    It's still similar though, Mom asks you about saving our money, the sick Ampharos and bla bla bla. But I do notice about the Kimono Girls randomly popping out about the story :)
    Man, you don't have to be adding the 2 decades effect, I know what you feel xP
    I was so anxious when I saw Serebii having his Soul Silver already.

    Lol I shouldn't have typed my Johto Journal Link. I made it since I want to have a quick nostalgia with Johto and remember my journey across the land xP

    lol, I'll go down with you. Pidgeot is better so shove your ****ing Staraptor up your *** XP
    I proved my point well.
    Hi! I'm sorry I missed your request to join the Fakemon Club, but I've got you in the club now. Dark Sceptile I suppose has maxed out unhappiness. Or is it a Shadow Pokemon? It sounds like the Shadows.

    Again, sorry for missing you, but welcome to the Fakemon Club!
    Then you'd have a team full of useless magikarp and one Shiny Pidgeot that probably had crappy stats and moves. I would only ask for half your Pokemon, b/c I'm so generous XD
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