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  • ...you poor, deprived child. It is only THE GREATEST VIDEO GAME EVER TO BE INVENTED BY MORTAL HANDS.
    Still on my first. Second semester though.
    Meh, can't complain. Been playing Okami whenever I get home, and dying whenever I get back to college. Same as usual.
    Heh, that's a lot better than it's worked out previously lol. I'm glad it's alright now. As I said ages ago you need to keep away from girls for a bit.

    I've been coming on a bit more lately, just checking new threads in Misc and the RMT sections.
    Five. Two Education classes, one English class, one German class (DEUTCH IST TOTAL FRUCHTBAR!), and one Psychology class.
    It's not even the school or the teachers that's the problem! It's the WORK. There's so much of it, and at such a high level... it's positively awful. Even I'M having trouble, which really tells you something.
    Eh. Been busy. College blows worse than anything else in my entire life since I started losing family members. I hate it, but it's so goddamn necessary.
    psst- i heard it had something to do with a fake Acc that all the top leaders shared. and, look up this dude called Veteran X or something like that, but you didn't hear it from me....*fades into shadows*
    I've always been curious, lol.

    You should post a team and I'll rate it so good.
    well, i wouldn't blame you for not hearing, not every clan gets to be well known, and there are quite the number of users on here, so regardless word isnt going to get around to everybody.
    alright, enjoying my weekend.

    well, apparently AA was a massive clan, nearly 70 members. but, for some odd reason, they all got lazy and disbanded. i heard that's not the full story...
    Hi I am so sorry if your bothered by a lot of people but... would you like to join my clan

    Founders of Unova. its a really good clan, and We would love to have you.
    If you are already in a clan... sorry for the inconvience
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