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  • Sweet, happy birthday man! ^^


    $15 iTunes, 1600 Microsoft points, Homefront, Avantasia T-Shirt, went to go see Battle: LA, and my dad said that like this weekend or something we'll go out for a lobster dinner.
    ya, last year i woke up, and when i went into the living room everyone jumped out and yelled surprise and i said "wtf, is this all about"
    "It's your birthday idiot"
    "Oh, f*ck"
    oh, sorry, sometimes i forget my own birthday and my family's birthdays, so no big deal on my part, i dont remember anything XD
    I doubt you could judge just from a holiday here but sure. When are you coming over? We should meet.

    Tbh idc all that much about the background, and neither does any other British person. The reason we say you didn't have much involvement in WWI is because you didn't in terms of helping our allies out. You were defending only yourself which, to be fair, was the governmental policy at the time, but yeah. *shrug*

    Not that it matters. I don't think people really care all that much about history when it comes to opinions of someone based on nationality.
    Well people are apparently pretty tight over that kinda stuff there, lol. I first got actually socially drunk when I was 12. Lol well most people don't actually know the law and think the legal age in private is 16.

    But again I don't see why you'd want to come over here if you love america so much.

    Lol what an idiot. Although you have to admit that in WWI America did next to nothing. You came in at like, the last minute when it was way too late for you to make any real difference.
    It depends on which circumstance you're talking about, and whether or not your comany actually gives a crap. Here, the public purchase age is either 18 or 21 (idr), the public drinking age with a meal and adults purchasing the alcohol is 16, and the private age is 5.

    Well it seems pretty serious to me. And if you're like that over here irl then you will have a very nasty shock coming your way. And lol who was hating on you anyway?
    Well derp. Lol dude drinking beer around family isn't exactly unusual. Uh good for him I guess lol? Do you actually plan to get tickets?

    I just don't see why you'd want to come here really. You're a massive patriot. =/
    You've probably heard that because it's so different to yours. Trust me, we think 90% of your 'humour' is complete **** too so. We like subtlety, you just crack out overused "that's what she said" stuff all the time or just generally disgusting things which aren't funny for any reason other than the cringe factor.
    Not too much right now. I was at a comedy gig by a guy called John Bishop earlier tonight with Becky which was amazing. <3
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