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  • Year 10, so that's 9th grade in America I think, idk, I'll be 15 this november..

    And nah that's not accurate, he's an ace trainer. :)
    No, how are you? And its great here, but yeah it IS different, like they got Southern accents and are a bit on the r-cist side xD
    no, on my shirt xD
    if I taped it to my forehead, I wouldn't be able to see lol

    look up 'how to annoy people in an elevator' on google and just use whatever comes up in the party xD
    and coo, heads up, ill be saying happy birthday on your joyful birthday sep 4th D: lmao
    lmao i know people who have started already ~ xD
    and coo, heads up, ill be saying happy birthday on your joyful birthday sep 6th D: lmao
    Hatsune Miku's cool, I guess. I don't really like her though, since I think some of the other Vocaloids are better :/
    what I do is write 'Do not disturb' on a piece of paper with sharpie and then tape it to myself :3
    no one bothers me cause they think I'm a weirdo xD
    The last time it rained here was on my cousins funeral, it was sunny and bright but slighty raining. I guess he was crying with us.
    Ive driven to Mexico before, New Jersey is a piece of cake. Besides i really wanna meet Pauly D, hes hot. ;)
    VOCALOID?!? OMG I LOVE THEM. My favorites are Gumi and Gakupo :3

    and lol. I love that YT channel xD
    weeeeell, whenever my mom drags me to a party like that, all I do is sit in the corner and play Pokemon the whole time
    We're near the beach, Jacksonville to be exact. Moved here 2 weeks ago after a 24 hour drive. It is hot but the apartment has 24/7 air conditioning :D And maybe, if I find a good pic. How about you?
    Yeah I like my buzzcut :) And yeah, Florida isn't as boring as NY xD And you gonna get me a bday present? OuO
    He's back as well, but he doesn't go on Serebii often. Mine starts August 20th in Florida >: (

    New kid in a new school, this'll be fun. And I got a buzzcut :eek:
    ;) I will look into both.

    Yeah, but it will be awkward for a bit.

    I hear you. I know some REAL assholes here. You are quite a catch, dont let a chauvanistic beeyotch take over you.

    BTW, If I take some time to get to you, my comp is **** now. So, dont flip out <3
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