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  • I'm a little confused - does Shigeru-kun say s/he worships "the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and His Son Jesus"? I thought Jacob had twelve sons - and none of them was named Jesus... I've actually read the 5 Books of Moses a few times, and there's no mention of a Jesus anywhere. It's not even a translation problem (my copy of the five books is in the original language, with English on the opposite page as a translation for those who need it).

    But I'm curious about one other thing Shigeru-kun typed on your page. S/he said that s/he worships "the God... They do exist". So should that read "I worship the gods of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Jesus"?
    Hi, sence I saw that you are telling people not to post on your page, I would like you not to post on mine, thank you.
    I'm not worshipping a false icon, I worship the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and His Son Jesus. They do exist.

    And you're the one who came onto my page.
    You can expect that all you want, but again, you're going to be quite surprised when your time comes and you have to explain yourself to the Lord.

    No church controls me, and I'm sorry that that's how you think churches work. My parents have little to do with my faith, as they are both of a different religion than I.

    Please don't flame me on my page and then tell me to stay off yours. You seem to be the immature type of atheist, violently mocking any theist with no real reason. I hope that once you grow up you'll see how ridiculous you're being.
    Please get your facts straight.

    God does love everyone, but He hates the SIN. There's a difference Silver. The same goes with me and the rest of His followers.

    If you had a child who stole something from a store, would you hate the kid? Of course you wouldn't. You would hate that he stole the item--you would hate his sin--but the child himself you would love.

    That's what God does and that's what myself and everyone is preaching. We don't hate homosexuals, but we hate them going against God's wishes and having gay relations.
    I friend-listed you after seeing your post in the Christian Alliance. I'm not Christian, but that club is pretty fun - they all argue with each other constantly. I don't think any of them has demonstrated "Christian" values with each other. Now, I'm always up for a good philosophical debate, but these folks really don't even seem to know the basics of a real debate. Anyway, welcome to the forums.
    You're pretty new to the Serebii Forums, aren't you? If you like shiny Pokemon, check out the Shiny Pokemon Lovers Club.
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