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Nov 14, 2015
Dec 2, 2009
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Well-Known Member, from Australia

BoxedLunch was last seen:
Nov 14, 2015
    1. Evilchibi_pichu
      Finished~ I finally got the reply done! I'm so so so sorry it's months late. orz
    2. Evilchibi_pichu
      I'll get to you PM soon, promise! orz I've been slacking off too much. xD
    3. Evilchibi_pichu
      I'm sure every grammar nazi feels the same about compass directions. Now only if that can be applied to such things like capitalizing pokemons' names or not. ;D Wooow, "Never Eat Soggy Wheat" can actually be helpful. I tend to never remember such sentences, but this one I'll try since it could help me not get lost! xD I do the same with months! I have my computer's calendar in the Japanese way, so I have to do the chant each time I want to know what month it is. xDDD Too bad there's nothing for the days as when I'm on vacation, I barely know what day it is sometimes. XD

      (Character limits for the loooooose!)
    4. Evilchibi_pichu
      Sorry I'm late. I've been having a bad case of lazy lately. I totally blame summer vacation. xD And yes, I did~ X3

      Doesn't mean we can't have such a thread via PM! XD I'm seriously interested in such things since I'm such a dork about those stuff. xD (Plus, I'll have an even better reason to start catching up instead of reading other manga! XDD) I always forget how the Yellow arc goes, but you're right. o__o Heck, one of those volumes could have used its pages for other stuff! xD That's not an OVA, that's a TV series! XDD I wouldn't mind a movie on Colosseum and XD universe to supplement the OVAs either... Oooh, them as one series would be awsome since Wes makes almost everything awesome. He could teach Micheal a thing or two! *nods*

      Hahaha, I can be the same way with people too. But, I'm not a violent person, I swear! xD Noooo, not the whole "lay, laid, lie" thing! I hate those words; I just know they were created to cause confusion and misusage. D: I kinda get it, but it's SO easy to get "lie" and "lay" mixed up.
      Whenever my friend used "I win." I always think, "What did you win? We weren't doing anything specific for you to win!" and that's when my brain's logic centers give up. XDD I don't blame you, it's one of those lines that probably got the creator punched after they used it too. xDD

      =O I didn't know that about the body! But, it does make sense... If your body dies first, does that mean your nerves are gone? And if the brain goes first you feel everything unitl it dies? ...That sounds completely horrible when I type it like that. xDDD Over here, the weather doesn't know what it wants to do. One day it's 90+ hot and other days it's spring time nice and a bit of a chilly wind. It's like summer and spring are fighting it out to see who gets be current season. XDD
    5. Evilchibi_pichu
      Sorry for the lateness for this response. I didn't get any notification until I got someone else's and then I was on vacation. =o=

      I actually think that type of thread would of been pretty cool. But, I do have to suggest waiting a while as people in that section seems to be really getting tired of PokeSpe + anime threads. For fillers, I think it would help the RGB arc out a lot since there's so much we didn't see and so much that the fillers could fill in and not be completely boring!
      =o If they had an OAV for Colosseum, I would be happy. xD I really liked Colosseum, but not so much of XD. XDD

      Hahaha. If I had a friend like that, I think I would of punched them by now since that sounds really annoying to get used to. Excellent response and hopefully it'll get them to stop using "bet". xD I have a friend that likes to say "I win" when we're play fighting and he obviously hasn't won anything. Not exactly bad grammar, but close enough for me to get really annoyed by it. xDD

      If you want some cold, you can always come to here and visit NY or any of the Northern states. xD That or somewhere in Europe (I know a place that I've heard that snows every year, but I can't remember what it was called. D: I think it was Norway or something similar...) for some icy cold and lots of rain. xD It must suck having that sun on you constantly; I rather it be cold than too hot!

      XDDD They had to do something on that long boat ride to Never Neverland or as they like to call it, the "New World". ;D
      I tend to use capitals for compass directions regardless since capitalizationfits them more, in my opinion~ I wish arrows would appear in real life when people are giving out directions! I suck at figuring my West and East and following outdoor directions; I get lost too easily. xDDD Tsk tsk, don't you know that a lot of the best things are for kids? XDDD
    6. Evilchibi_pichu
      Hahaha, thank you. You should even though we don't have many interesting topics going on. xD

      I can imagine it annoying you since I would always be correcting them in my head and maybe aloud. ;D If I ever meet someone like that I would probably do the same. "How can I take you seriously when you keep making me correct you?!" xD At best, my friend and I just correct each other for fun. XD

      Ooo, lucky! Australia sounds like an awesome place to live with Christmas in summer and all. XD Do you guys even get any cold? ;3

      LOL Exactly! That's probably how our rules got made! From dislike, drunkenness, with a bit of ice cream, and theft, English was born! *dodges tomatoes* XDD Hmm... *rubs chin* And yet we have compass directions capitalized when they are just the first letters, so that's quite a possibility. I can imagine a drunken conversation about compass directions too. XDD
    7. Golden Pure
      Golden Pure
      Haha looks like I did beat you, woot :P And thanks lol, It's about to be 6 p.m. here. Anyways, now that I'm done eating..Time to reply!
    8. Golden Pure
      Golden Pure
      Hey there, I'll be replying to your pm in less than 10 mins :P I read the whole thing, I just need to go eat first (My mom hates it when I take a long time to get to the kitchen table because I'm on the comp lol)
    9. Evilchibi_pichu
      1dbad and I debate with others on Pokemon stuff. xD If you check the Pokemon Manga Discussion threads you would find us everywhere. XDD

      Ahh, I see. Good luck anyways~

      Chirstmas in the summer?! XDD Where the heck do you live? xD Yeah, autumn does come after summer then it's winter. x3

      Good point... That's really interesting question; maybe someone didn't like the seasons so banned them from having capital letters? xD
    10. Evilchibi_pichu
      XD I noticed your posts are were so long like mine and 1dbad's tend to be when debating. Welcome to the Long Post to Debate club. xD
      Hahaha, you're so mean~ ;D But, good grammar is important for an argument or debate, I do believe.

      How could you forget? xDD What's the weather like over there? It's getting hot over here... x_x
    11. Evilchibi_pichu
      Hahahaha, that sounds like fun and educational! Of course I'll have to check it out~ xDD Nothing much for me since it's been a while since came on, so I haven't gotten the chance to start debating with anyone. XD But, I've also been good especially now that summer vacation is almost here for us! ^o^
    12. Evilchibi_pichu
      Hey! Welcome back! xD How's been everything?
    13. Razgriz644
      sry boxed, not really interested in mewtwo, for now just interested in the IV pokes in my sig sry
    14. 1dbad
      LOL! Yep! XD I still like ya anyway though. ^_~ Thanks for being so understanding. =3 I do promise to try to start being quicker though; I know how annoying late replies can be. ^^; And yeah, life can. >_> Really? Awesome! Knew I could count on Evilchibi_pichu to tell you even if I was busy. :P I'm glad to hear you're interested too; I was worried about that. See -- you're the crucial person for this project, since Evilchibi_pichu and I don't really know anyone else who could do it. XD; But okay then, I'll PM you in just a few minutes and tell you all about it. And that's true, hahaha. XD
    15. 1dbad
      Hahaha, that is pretty rich coming from you. XD And ironic! But I'm sorry, I've just been so busy with the holidays and family and everything. =o= I'm not doing it on purpose, I promise. :3 Because I actually read your PM the day you sent it and really liked it, but I just hadn't gotten around to replying. But If it makes you feel any better though I haven't responded to anyone else either XD I'm just now getting around to replying to visitor messages today. But I'll try to respond to your PM later I promise.~
    16. Mr. Mudkip
      Mr. Mudkip
      Probably just some old member, meh, makes no difference.
      But Mudkip > Smugleaf
    17. Mr. Mudkip
      Mr. Mudkip
      Not the meme though.
      Say, do I know you from somewhere...?
    18. Tendo
      So, you deleted my post because I flawed you at your own game? I think you're getting a little mad.
    19. natie
      You're not?


      You've not proven anything. And you can't prove something that doesn't exist. :/

      "Seems like I win." was just something I couldn't resist posting. :P

      I prefer keeping IM to close friends, sorry.

      Anyways, let's just leave this discussion (unless you really want to continue it...), because I'm sure neither of us wants to get any more infractions (one more point and I'm suspended for a week D:), and you'll probably never believe me.

    20. murkrowrob
      Sorry. It's just that I saw a lot of trolling. I'm not usually the typeto talk behind people's backs, so it won't happen again.
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