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  • I have no tolerance for anyone who thinks the laws should be changed to ban abortion, so if LDSman thinks that, I won't be continuing contact (I think we were pretty much done anyway).
    Lunch, do yourself a favor, don't try to reason with LDS. He will NOT "agree to disagree" with anyone. In his view, he's right, and anyone who disagrees with him is wrong. Always. People like him are like that.
    Well, after venting at my therapist for a bit (I have a few issues I won't bore you or anyone else with here), I've calmed down a bit on the issue. I'll never support anyone who wants to make abortion illegal, but if you have an opinion on it, I need to learn to respect that opinion, even if I disagree with it. Sorry about before.
    If you click on view conversation, you can keep the comments in the same conversation. I found that out recently myself.

    If people didn't feel strongly about issues, there would be no point to debate. I'm not about to force anybody to do anything. I'm just not going to support or make it easier for them to do it.
    We'll have to agree to disagree. I admit I might've been a bit harsh on my unfriending you and telling you to GTFO. It's just an issue I'm very sensitive about. If we never talk about it ever, I might be okay with it. It's just really, really hard for me, as I said.
    I understand that. I think that the right of an unborn is just as great as that of a woman. The whole abortion deal is complicated. It was supposed to be a safe, legal and rare item according to the proponents. It's not safe, deaths of woman from botched abortions is higher than before Roe vs Wade was passed and it's not rare. A fetus isn't just a mass of cells. It's a potential person with a lifetime of hopes and dreams ahead of it and there are people who want to get rid of it for convenience.
    LOL! Thank you! Do you mean my absence or my ban? ;D But yes! It's been ages! I've been good, but SO busy, and I lost the password for my gmail account. >: ( How have you been?
    You're welcome. ^_^ And I knowwww! :O It's been forever! How have you been? And I must say it's so nice to see you back here again. :D
    Heh, you shouldn't feel like a weeaboo for your talk in the B2W2 thread. You were just confused about something valid; it's not like you were intentionally throwing random Japanese into your speech or something. XD Besides, I found the conversation interesting myself :p
    Whew. Haven't been here for AGES. xD Aw, but like you said, it looks like you're pretty inactive too (not as bad as me, mind ^^). :/

    LOL! To be honest, I think Kusaka had Pryce all evil and 'Pokemon-are-tools-of-war'-spouting at the same time as he wrote his Lapras-backstory... then he realized these two things were incompatible and retconned. Badly. XD I really liked the RS saga and most sagas that came after though, so I guess it's good the series didn't go downhill after the GSC saga (at least in my opinion).
    That basically describes the GSC arc. xD It was just all over the place and ignores some logic. Did none of the GLs who knew about info on the "mysterious" GL did any research? Yanagi is so old and has to of been a GL for a long time, so he should of been written in some database. #2 is exactly what I disliked about Yanagi's character. Why should we care about your goals when you don't even know what they are? xD Same with me; Johto had a lot of potential, but it was sadly mostly wasted. HGSS especially, I think the ending surprise was the only really good thing about the arc. xDD We better get some dialogue or I'm gonna be very disappointed and annoyed. xD It's a too good of an opportunity to let this team-up go to waste!

    Thanks. I'm becoming inactive too. orz Darn laziness. *shakes fist* >o>
    I did! Frankly, I was completely surprised! I'm not sure how to feel past that. xDD I never really wanted Yanagi to come back since he was a crappy villain, so I wasn't too excited to see him. xD I was more surprised (and a bit happy) with Sakaki's return! Oh yeah! I have to reply to your PM. orz Sorry I haven't gotten to it yet.
    Haha..oh boy, I know. I read, like, the entire thread (what can I say, was raining outside and I was bored :p). You were one of the few posters who actually sounded sane.

    Aaaaand anyone who recognises that Meyer is total hack gets automatic cookies and hugs from me! <3
    "Reminds me of the way Stephenie Meyer constantly abuses the word "chagrin" in her Twicrap series in an attempt to sound more intelligent and "deep" than she really is."

    Can I just say - thanks for making me laugh ^___^
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