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  • Hello there!
    I'm interested in your Friend Ball Burmy - is there anything in particular you are looking for? :)
    Hey, I saw your post on the specific pokeball thread and was wondering what you were looking for! I have TONS of HA and bank ball mons and you have quite a few that I'd like. Perhaps maybe we can help each other with our collections? Looking forward to your reply! Cheers!
    Sure, P.M. me your details and I'll figure mine..?
    i have a love bal caught miltank if you still need one.
    ( i saw your gen 6 trading thread, with one as a request )
    Those aren't requests. They are trade offers. I don't have a Love Ball Miltank do I?... I guess if A Miltank Love ball isn't in my trade list, I'll Trade you something in my Apricot Ball Trade List. Thanks for the post.
    You know, I was thinking; if you have any initial questions, do feel free to get my attention via PM and I’ll try to reply here, okay?
    Oh! What about Mega Swampert? It may be super weak to Grass, but if you start with a Drizzle Pelipper and U-Turn out to Swampert, it’ll be quite speedy, as well as strong and fairly bulky.
    Sorry. Nothing really comes to mind. While I’m here, I was wondering if you’d like two of my leftover Pokémon I bred. I still have some Safari Lunatone and Friend HA Flabébé (White Flower). With Lunatone, I have a 6IV Hasty one or a Modest one with a 30/x/31/31/31/31 IV spread. Be sure to reply in the private message area so I hear it.
    Yeah, Mega Swampert is bulky and, not to weak of a hitter. I seen Vaporian has high HP. Anything really. Kabutops has a extreme weakness to grass too, and it has a few other weaknesses.
    Water, huh? Are you looking for hard hitters or something more bulky? I personally like bulky Pokémon. Toxapex is great with that. Zoroark, at least in my opinion, while cool, is rendered useless when each other’s teams are previewed before battle. The element of surprise is kinda ruined.
    Ok, can you list few water also, ghost types you find is great competitively?
    To answer your question is a bit tough. Mainly because I’m not certain what you’re asking for. Though, I can say that the last team I threw together was comprised of Ghost types. I’m rather partial to them. The team did surprisingly well.
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