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  • I don't know, I guess I always change them because I can never find one I like. I don't like the avatars here. I wish we could upload our own or at least get new ones.
    I know how u feel trust me. Firered is a fun game(except having to catch 60 pokemon). thx for the friend request.
    The ghost type lovers group is holding a special halloween event now so check out the 'event' thread in the group if you want to see/participate in it...
    Just informing you that the Ghost Lovers Group is now holding its first tournament.
    First prize is a shiny Darkrai, Second is Shiny Sableye and Third is shiny Shuppet.
    Only 20 are being accepted, so post your FC in the tournament thread if you want to reserve a spot.
    Hey, I have a Groudon I can trade you. Do you have any of these untrained:

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