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  • So you're a scouser?

    I'm not really a football fan, most of my family are Man U, and the rest are Everton funnily enough, because my grandad is originally from Liverpool.

    The bar goes up as you post, Professor Oak is just the first one, i've had a few, all the Kanto gym leaders, Orange Island, and some of the Johto.

    I think they go all the way up to Sinnoh, and Serebii was adding some others, but i'm not sure what they are.
    If you want something permanent in you posts you need to include it in your sig.

    I'm not on facebook, sorry.
    I don't think you can put things onto the site, but there is a suggestion thread, where you can leave suggestions for Serebii, for things you would like to see on the site.

    Anyone can suggest something, it doesn't matter how long you've been a member.

    If you need help with anything you can always ask me, i don't mind.
    I've just adopted somone, but i'd be happy to show you around.

    If yoy need me, you can either PM me or leave me a visitor message.
    Hi, i was wondering if you wanted someone to show you around the forums, i have posted in the adopt a newbie section, but no-one has replied as yet.
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