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  • I'm sure it'll be good. I've liked every new saga more than the Johto arc.

    The problem now is its just hard to get excited about Ash going on his umpteenth journey. Back in AG and DP, Ash hadn't been on so many adventures yet so you could still get excited over what he would do next.

    I get the feeling the end of DP was the pinnacle of Ash's journey, but they just had him lose because they can't get rid of the character.
    I'm kinda worried BW is going too close to a Kanto vibe.

    I really hope Iris/Dento aren't just background characters.
    i can't wait to see all of them... :) i wish we'd get a new pokemon released now :\ maybe next month..

    thanks! :D
    I love the city, i wanna know how we're gonna explore it! I wonder if there's a gym in that city? :) i can't wait for Mawile's back sprite, it'll be facing the trainer and it'll be so cute
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