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  • At the moment, I'm having a good laugh about the name of President Barack Obama's new Secretary of Defense: Ash Carter. My fellow bronies are as happy as they've been, although something about Serena seems to have a lot of people here charged up even more than usual.
    Hoo, boy. Where does the time go? After several years since my certainty tilted me toward Pearlshipping, I've an overarching scenario for ending Pokémon in Unova altogether, and the disintegrations I've tracked ever since that critical discovery in October-November 2011 have begun entering the consciousness of the general public, to the effect that we now recognize the turbulence in the Middle East as the Islamic Thirty Years' War. Are you doing well in your corner of the world, old friend?
    Good afternoon once more from my corner of the world, old friend. You may have noticed the explosion of activity among the Amourshippers these past several weeks. How are you?
    Japan is fun place. Very quiet and clean too.
    I do feel bad for all the fighter jet noises that our squadrons are making though lol.
    Yeah, I've taken interest in Amourshipping. Brings back the memory too.
    Oh hey. How are you.
    Nice to see you again. Although I would love to go to Brazil as we have planned, I am afraid that it won't be possible because during the WC month, I will be going out to sea on carrier XD
    Yea :), Im majoring in Information Technology. His name is Lokoduro and he seems to be a rationalizer and theorizer(attributes that are famous among the Pearl community). I see. How are those law books coming? You must be studying hour AFTER hour on law.
    eae br!blz?
    sou mais um no brasil a apoiar pearlshipping.(embora eu nao saiba se tu ainda apoia dps do final de dp xP)
    Toward the beginning of October, I discovered something that torpedoed any remaining shred of faith I still had that some of the major civilizations of the world would be intellectually, morally, and philosophically able to fit into a global system promoting freedom and individual sanctity... which placed almost everything I'd done over the past several years in a new light. I was left to look for something that represented this shift in my thinking, and sure enough, it came in the form of a cartoon that had gotten the attention of the Codename: Kids Next Door Fan Forum. I hadn't even heard of this new television program before, but I was certain that I would enjoy its design and setup. The ensuing thought experiment culminated in a dream I had involving Cilan and Iris in early November, and the result was as undeniable as it was unfathomable: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic had gone far beyond staying as a bland and shallow toy franchise to become the apotheosis of my belief that cuteness can and should promote individuality and expanded characterization in a way that appeals to the general population, strengthening my overall defense of freedom and peace in the process. I went on to steadily alert the other Pearlshippers and Wishfulshippers, including Adelaide1994 and pokefan#493, to this development, and now, Friendship is Magic stands as the most influential American cartoon in my memory to premiere close to the beginning of the second decade of the 21st century.
    I understand. Perhaps I should start with my activities immediately after our last visitor message exchange, in order to provide a broader context. I was conversing with Pearlmasterking about the advantages and disadvantages of a romantic friendship between Cilan and Iris, and he mentioned that these two trainers bore a few similarities to Dawn and Ash, respectively, in terms of their dynamic. By the end of May 2011, I was convinced, which further led me to think back and select Drew and Brianna to form a sort of triumvirate of human pairings in Pokémon. Outside Pokémon, I was expanding my other anime interests to include such shows as Code Geass and, eventually, Negima! Magister Negi Magi. Incredibly, these factors would have their own roles to play in making the last major development I saw for 2011 easier and more momentous simultaneously.
    Greetings, old friend... about three years since you first joined the Serebii Forums, if I'm not mistaken. Are you doing well thus far? My usual thought processes appear to have gained an entirely new perspective from which I can work, involving several major developments that I'm actually certain will surprise you right away. Do you mind if I explained myself further?
    Im good :). I just posted on the pearl thread, and there is a new brazilian pearlshipper on the thread. His name is lokoduro.

    I recently got into a great college in India and Im going to start in August. Rght now Im just finishing up my last 3-4 months of school :). How about you?
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