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  • just go to the club. From the forum page, go to fan work and interactive, then clubs, and the club is there. Just post introducing yourself and say you'd like to join.

    Mmm... denim. And I like the look of boots, even though feet are a huge turn off for me.
    The leather is really where they overlap most. It's a bit more bear territory, though. Trust me
    Ah, chasers. I'm not generally too into chasers unless they're a bit bearish themselves. And you do know that some of the bear scene overlaps into Rodeo territory, right?

    And the GLBAC is the Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual Alliance Club here on Serebii forums
    I know a cubish chaser, and dated him off and on, who's slightly less than a year older than I am, a few in their 30's, and a couple that i hook up with occasionally that are 25. so yea, it is pretty hard to find teenage bears. There are a few in the GLBAC here, but not many. Hence me callig myself the token bear.
    I don't have an aim or msn...:(
    And yes, definitely really nice to meet another bear. There aren't that many 'round these parts
    bear? AWESOME!
    I came out to my pastor father earlier, and my mom us left yesterday, but not much aside from that
    Hi i could breed you a Turtwig, but i think you'd have to get the attacks sorted out because i'm not sure how to breed with certain attacks.
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