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Jun 12, 2019
Jun 13, 2004
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Breezy was last seen:
Jun 12, 2019
    1. Peter Quill
      Peter Quill
      Ok it's actually because Psychic and I were at a con and we were hosting the fanfiction panel. Then we were talking about funny smutty related stuff and I was like "Oh I know a girl who wrote authorxfic smut" and the entire room was like WHAT.
    2. Peter Quill
      Peter Quill
      It's embarrassing.

      EMBARRASSING, I say.
    3. Peter Quill
      Peter Quill
      I love keeping you confused <3<3<3<3
    4. Diddy
      Including you? xD

      My LJ gets added dorkiness because of the content though. Nothing says dorky like crappy art :P

      I thought my recap of Evo 2K11 was pretty good though.
    5. Forestrunner
      No problem. I'm taking a real long time to come up with my future chapters. Yea, I want that. You most probably caught something that I overlooked in my revision anyways.
    6. Forestrunner
      Hey, sorry but could you hold off on reviewing the second chapter of my fic? I almost punched myself unconscious when I went through the whole conversation part. I totally neglected it. If you did any work on it already, then I'm really sorry and I'll be real glad if you can put down that .44. If not, awesome, 'cause it's sh*t.
    7. Peter Quill
      Peter Quill
      It's no important reason.

      No really it isn't important.

      At all.
    8. Peter Quill
      Peter Quill
      I need to read your keyboard fanfiction. Except I can't find it in your livejournal anywhere :'( please help me.
    9. SilentMemento
      Yep. I think every adult would say that the best time of their life is spent in college. Of course, I've never gone, so I can't talk from experience. ^_^;
    10. Antithesis
      I do my best.
    11. bobandbill
      So you don't just want to be the very best - you are the very best! =p

      It is a sad fact, but provided it is obeyed one gets deliciousness. Especially if it's Tim Tams.

      Lucky you with vacation. =p At uni again, semester will be over in the latter half of November. But I'm doing all right thus far I suppose.
    12. SilentMemento
      Congratulations on graduating! 8D That's a seriously awesome achievement.
    13. bobandbill
      I hope you caught them. =( Also eat them before they melt if it's warm over there! D= (Or fridge them).

      How are you btw and all?
    14. bobandbill
      Tim Tams?

      Wise choice! *throws a packet at you*
    15. SilentMemento
      Ah. I see. I'm more of a samurai person, to tell you the truth. XD

      Oh, yeah. That would cost me at least six-hundred dollars for the computer alone - and that's not even accounting for things like transferring files, new anti-virus protection, etc.

      My new job is the job I had last year: I work as a kitchen assistant in a large company. It's something I can do well, so I'm happy with it.

      Brushfires? D8 Definitely be careful then.

      You're in college, right? That's starting pretty soon.
    16. SilentMemento
      I noticed your review reply, and I can't help grinning in response. I still wonder why the term "ninja'd" means posting before another person, but...oh well. ^_^

      Two-hundred-and-twenty-four dollars worth. Now I'm broke until my job starts. But, hey; at least I can write stuff before that happens.

      You know, in some ways, hot and dry is much worse than hot and humid. Be careful.
    17. SilentMemento
      Just dropping in a VM to tell you that I've read and reviewed the second chapter of BFBMA. I'd also like to say that I'm interested in joining the PM list.
    18. Lazorchu!!
      Hey Breeze! What's happening? I read BFBMA and it was really great.
    19. Pokemon Whisperer Natural Harmonia Gropius
      Pokemon Whisperer Natural Harmonia Gropius
      Cool i'm just relaxing! ^_^ Hurray! ;)
      Yup just relaxing.....so, do anything fun!?
    20. Peter Quill
      Peter Quill
      "That is SO fetch"
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