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Jun 12, 2019
Jun 13, 2004
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Jun 12, 2019
    1. Absol6028
      Hey, thanks a lot for the help ^.^
    2. D. Scott
      D. Scott
      Dunno if you're interested or not, but I figured I may as well tell ya anyway. :p Due to some unexpected circumstances with my piece'a crap laptop being quite capable of dying on me at any time, I'm being paranoid and unwilling to rewrite a rewrite by releasing the prologue of the rewrite of Sinnoh Stories - the first installment of "Rebirth of Sinnoh - Volkner's Tale" is up!

      If ya missed the reasoning behind this by some chance and are curious, check out the old thread. Explained there.
    3. Chibi Pika
      Chibi Pika
      Alrighty, thanks! ^^
    4. Chibi Pika
      Chibi Pika
      Hello you! =O

      So I was going on an SPPf nostalgia binge the other day, and happened to remember "an lettter off compaint" in all of its priceless glory. A quick Google search later and I found it on PC, though it was kinda jumbled up (various punctuations got corrupted and I think chapter 3 and 4 were switched because of that whole SPPf crash or whatever), and several of the SPPf jokes had been altered to make more sense on PC.

      By some random off-chance, do you still have it on-hand? =P Question also applies to its sequel my first poke'mon fanfic (I can't remember if that one ever had any more chapters posted.)
    5. Draco Malfoy
      Draco Malfoy
      The evidence for R/S/E and FR/LG being in the same timeline had something to do with the Sevii islands, I think. I distinctly remember something to do with a Ruby plate, I think.

      I didn't really like Brendan/May as the rival, primarily because they didn't really participate in the plot, not as much as Barry or Cheren/Bianca. Which is weird, because I somehow like Wally tonnes. Honestly, Bianca was a pretty good character, but Wally appealed to me a lot. Something about the asthmatic boy who asks for help from the local GL... before running off to become a bamf is really cool. I do think that the Bianca storyline was more realistic, however. Wally's parents should have cared more about what was happening to their son. He was a sickly kid for whom they moved towns... and when he left, they were more like "oh, that's surprising. More tea?"

      I caught the "R/S/E - sequel?" bug when Kusaka mentioned in an interview, I think, that he would really like it if GameFreak repeated the Johto formula, but with Hoenn. As in, we return to an old region after a period of time and see how things have changed. He mentioned that he would love to depict the Twins are teenagers, or something. A Gen V Hoenn makes me grin.

      Think about the possibilities. Assuming that we use Emerald canon, Brendan is probably Champion, if Steven didn't take it back. The Elite 4 would have changed, perhaps to accommodate new people? It'd be awesome if it were one of the old GLs (à la Koga), or even Wally.

      And we might finally find out who Flannery's grandfather is. =O
    6. SilentMemento
      Eh, I like police procedurals as a whole (I'll watch CSI and Criminal Minds when they're on). Never got into Law and Order for some odd reason.

      That's a winning combo right there. Man, I can't wait for all of the awesome characters to come back. Muddy, Flare, Sirius, Cinders, T.B., Silver, etc. Oh, and of course, Brendan, May, and Wally. I'm getting giddy just thinking about it.

      The chapters aren't bad. They're just mediocre (nightmares aside), and I want them to be better. You mentioned overemphasizing the darkness (which I did and is something I'm trying to rectify) and the forced dialogue (trying to make it seem more natural and that's probably what I'm struggling with the most). I'm also trying to take some of EonMaster One's advice on how to make the opening part of the first chapter seem more fluid. I realize that I can't make everything perfect, but there's no reason for me not to try. I just want to make the story enjoyable to read.
    7. Diddy
      Perfect night-time snack, with all that buttery goodness. *chews on crumpet*

      *sips tea*

      Nobody ever PM's me, so I've never got any backed up :(

      I'm not sure why, but I'm not complaining, I get more story quicker.
    8. Sgeckledorf Spoongeblorb
      Sgeckledorf Spoongeblorb
      Awww hell yeah

      *** ***
    9. SilentMemento
      Well, if you're a fan of character growth and humorous exchanges, you should give NCIS a shot and see if you like it. Unlike a lot of police procedural dramas, NCIS focuses more on helping the military, namely marines and Navy personel.

      Wow. I'll definitely be watching out for that date; it's obvious that you've put a lot of care into that series.

      As for my stories? Well, on Revenant, I'm completely stuck. I'm trying to improve the last two chapters and work on the third, but it's not working. I've worked on two of the plot bunnies I talked about (mafia fic and mutation fic), but they aren't going anywhere either, and I don't want to focus on them more than Revenant.

      So, I've ended up trying to start a oneshot called Burned. It's basically a backstory to a character in a fic of mine called Forlorn (a fic on FFN that's way too dark to post on Serebii). That's actually going fine; I've got a fair bit done (805 words so far, and there's not even a mention of the character in question as of yet).
    10. Diddy
      My britishness is too good for words. In England, it's ALWAYS a good time for Tea & Crumpets, nobody would even bat an eyelid. It's actually expected of you.

      Yayz! I'll PM you and you can scar your mind tell me if it makes sense.

      That's the only reason I'm reading it, because he said my name :P nah, it's really awesome.
    11. Sgeckledorf Spoongeblorb
      Sgeckledorf Spoongeblorb

      So, will it be a one-shot, or will it be chaptered?
    12. Sgeckledorf Spoongeblorb
      Sgeckledorf Spoongeblorb
      I noticed that teaser for a new fic in your sig.

      I can't wait.
    13. Draco Malfoy
      Draco Malfoy
      Wouldn't you say that B/W is more than three years after HG/SS? The Rocket Grunt's kid seems older than three, right?

      To be honest, I hope they do Wally justice. The poor guy is thoroughly ignored in the Pokemon fandom. Geez, just because he's the only Rival character who didn't get a Starter. Hm, maybe Gamefreak will decide to correct this and give Wally a Hoenn starter... although I doubt it.

      Seriously, though. If they remade R/S/E for Gen V and make it compatible to B/W, it'd be a mindscrew of epic proportions. Time would have folded upon itself, since Trainers from at least six years ago would be able to trade with B/W Trainers... without the use of a Time Machine. D:

      At least when they went back in time with R/S/E, Gamefreak had the decency to start an entire new generation and reboot the franchise; as in, you could no longer trade with Gen I/II. My theory is that if the Hoenn games come out during this generation, it should be a sequel. If they want to do a remake, it'd be in a reboot Gen VI.

      And if it's a sequel, they could easily make new characters, provided that they shake up the arrangement of GLs, the plot, and the "villain team". Pokemon Colosseum and its sequel, XD, come to mind.
    14. Diddy
      I saw this and thought, Breezy must be made aware! It made me chuckle it did.

      Seeing as I'm sharing art, why not. The whimsicott I said I'd draw ages ago but never got around to linking you to.

      I've been stocking up on art for my upcoming fics... and drawing practice. Once I learn how to draw people... well, I don't know, but something will happen.
    15. Diddy
      You're just jelly 'cos you're the water-type now.

      That was a random video I made ages ago just for the pure fact that I could, I was talking to a bunch of people and we were making random ass videos, so I decided, the people need to know what I'm eating for dinner. Beware the britishness of it.

      I have actually "finished" the Falkner/Janine fic, but unlike most times when I finish a fic I don't have that finished feeling, it's all rambly and vague and it's too fast and I don't want to post it right now. I think I need someone to look over it just in case, it's only around 6 pages long... hint hint, just think of it as the first stepping stone in the review challenge, that by the way I may not be able to do, due to the fact that July is pretty much all I have to make sure I don't epic fail university.
    16. SilentMemento
      Yeah, I seriously have an obsession with RvB and NCIS. I'm actually watching some NCIS: LA episodes that I bought on Itunes at this very moment, so...yeah.

      I must admit that your story was very good. I loved Hilda's character the most; her snarky, confident attitude was just amazing, and it totally fit her persona. How are your other endeavors faring?
    17. SilentMemento
      Review sent. Hopefully, you'll like it, even if you don't know what Red vs. Blue is (Hilbert reminded me of one of the characters in that series).

      There's no way I'm going to get drunk at my parents' house; they'd be furious. Nah, I was just extremely tired at the time. Staying up until 1:45 on the night prior to the 4th of July? Not a good idea.
    18. Draco Malfoy
      Draco Malfoy
      I'll check the Nameless Supplanter when I have time.

      On a random note, I totally just got a plot bunny while typing this VM. I was searching through bulbapedia to fact-check for my upcoming story, when I came across the fact that B/W is supposedly set at least three years after the events of Gen IV (D/P/Pt and HG/SS). This means that the events of FR/LG preceded the plot of B/W by nine years, and therefore R/S/E takes places nine years before B/W.

      What does this mean? Well, evidence seems to be mounting that Hoenn will probably feature in the upcoming games, with the references to Steven and such. However, it won't be a remake, I think, because that would mess up Gamefreak's careful timeline. The best alternative would be to create a sequel to R/S/E, not a remake.

      Nine years have passed in Hoenn. That means Professor Birch's second child from Emerald would be at least thirteen or fourteen in Gen 5. Tate&Liza would also be around the same age. I'm starting to wonder what this new kid would be like as a protagonist. Superiority complex, because he says a successful older sibling? It's about time that we have a story where the local Pokemon Professor is the player's parent. =P

      Man, the plot bunnies are forming... Brendan Birch (or May Birch, I suppose) as a young adult, with May (or Brendan) as the current Champion? What would Wally be doing? Nine years is sufficient time to kill off characters and change the entire region. =D

      EDIT: By "change", I mean new Gym Leaders, or Gym Leaders who aren't the same as before. For example, wouldn't be an interesting twist if Roxanne is the Sixth GL instead of the standard First GL? Also, Tate&Liza have split up; one remains as the GL of Mossdeep, while the other is doing God knows what. I know twins in real life, and they become very troubled if they separate them for a substantial period of time. My best friends were twins, and got split because of their parents' divorce. Nothing was the same.
    19. Diddy
      You gotta love it when your hard drive gets scratched by the Beastie Boys :P Clearly the greatest white rappers ever.

      It's almost done, believe me. It involves me talking about tea a fair bit. And then there's the actual me talking about tea and crumpets

      I knew you'd love that Breezy, but if it helps...

      DIDDY used Soak!

      BREEZY turned into the Water Type!
    20. SilentMemento
      Okay. I'm sorry that you're bored.

      I read your newest fic, but I'm not really certain how I should review it. A lot of the people who came before me caught the mistakes, and I don't know if I can name a favorite part; there were too many great lines throughout the fic - although the Cheren line had to be a great one.

      It's a pity that there isn't an "other" on the trainer cards in B/W. I put down "preschooler" for kicks and giggles, but still...

      A better review than this one will be done...when I don't feel like I'm going to keel over.
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