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  • Secret! I read bits and pieces of it whenever you reminded me it existed. XD So by the time the nominations rolled around, I got past at least the first chapter. And then I learned via your story that I'm a fast reader if I don't actually have to review. b)'')b (But unfortunately, still haven't finished it. Probably because I've got a you-should-be-reviewing-this list that's longer than my average post.)
    Sorry Breezy, but you misspelled my name on the Authors' Profiles... it's Articuno_rocks. I hope you can change it and I hope this won't cause you any trouble. c;
    Hiya, just a quick thing that I wanted to say. In the next chapter of my fic (Dimensions of Darkness), I have planned a quick reference to HLBMA. In this, a character asks a Mightyena "Are you serious?", to which is response is "No, I'm not Sirius". I just wanted to ask you to make sure that it's alright with you for me to make this reference. If not, just tell me and I won't include it.
    Wow. That was a weird coincidence. I just happened to be on the site when your visitor message popped up.

    I'm sorry you were sick. :( That's not a fun way to spend the holidays. I hope you get well soon.

    The holidays are going well. I got things that I needed, which is always good. :)

    I also noticed that I was tenth place in the Perspective contest. I probably deserved worse; I hated my oneshot, like, two months after I wrote it. -_- Either way, that's definitely given me motivation to write something much better.

    But that's more than enough about me. How's your writing faring?
    I've been good. I'm working on a bit of Revenant, and the scene I'm writing (the opening scene for the fifth chapter) is making me cringe. Real life-wise, I'm doing good. I'm planning on being with my family on Thanksgiving, and they'll be going to Indiana.

    What are you going to do for Thanksgiving?
    I bet you would. I miss your dinner, and I never even got to see it. XD

    I was going to review some works, but I've just been so busy trying to meet the deadline (and watching the World Series) that I've never even gotten that chance.

    -high fives- You know, Halloween's really fun to a lot of people - unless you happen to be a tree. :p
    Oh, barbeque. I absolutely love barbeque. ^_^

    I'm planning on updating Revenant again on Halloween. And I totally picked that date for the usual cliche reasons. ;)

    Otherwise, there really hasn't been much going on. I'm not planning on doing much for Halloween either. I figure that I'll go to my parents' house and hand out candy bars to anyone that comes by.
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