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  • umm .. i think u r not here right now .. right ?
    i'll battle somene else now .. sorry for that
    lets battle some other time ^.^
    haha no problem =) and i'm fine to =) yeah sure i wanna trade and battle but i do got examans right now so i don't really know when i'm avaible ....
    ow and for putting you're pokémon from pearl to black or white you first got to have 2 nintendo ds's and then you got to go to the pokétransferlab on white or black and that's on route 15 then you got to talk to the guy upstairs by the machine thing and you have to save you're game, then you have to put the other ds on with you're pearl game inside and you don't need to start up the game cause you have to push the thing where says ds download play and then i'm not sure what happens next lol i think the 2 games will connect and that you have to pick the pokémon you want (6 at a time) then you have to play a sort of game, you're pokémon will be hiding behing buches and you have to trow pokéballs at them. when you're done they will be in you're boxes if you want to see a video here's a link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YRgb5oyz4i8
    ow sorry i think you just missed me yesterday =( and i'ts no problem i got enough zorua's that i have to release them all the tim lol. and you do know to do it for trade right? otherwise just give me a shout! and well you probably got pokémon white right? then you don't see these folowing pokémons: Vullaby, Cottonee and Gothita and all there evolution ofcourse. they are all on black but i think i got them all cause my bf has black so i can give you each one of them ^^ but when you got pokémon black i'm willing to trade the other pokémons you don't see and those are: Petilil, Solosis and Rufflet and also their evolution. if you want to see them go to this link: http://www.serebii.net/blackwhite/pokemon.shtml
    and i'm now avaible, in my country i'ts 9:00 in the morning and i'll be on until 12:00 (noon) if i don't catch you now i'll try to get on this evening but i got to go around 6:00 in the evening and i wont be back until tomorrow so ..... i hope i see you today ;)
    oh btw sorry fot such a long message lol =)
    that fine by me ^^ i am looking more for stones. But you have one reserved (or more if you want lol)
    Hey ^^ i wanna trade you a zorua but i don't want nothing good for it i just wanna help you out ;) and what do you mean by transfering you're pokémon from pearl? don't you know how to put them onto pokemon black or white?
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