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    A couple days ago I was on a date, and there was a step above the second row, and I tripped, in front of my date and the ENTIRE cinema startede laughing at me.
    i know the feeling dude. happened to me on staurday at Dundee cinema. with approximately every seat filled up in a cinema that seats 300 people per room. ah, that was embarfassing
    *This is going out to all the people I used to talk to hours to every day*
    Damn, I haven't talked to any of you for like a year. I dunno why. You guys are suh awesome people! Well people can change a lot in a year but I know you guys, and it wouldn't be a change for the bad right? :eek:
    How's life?
    Yeah, I do like The Fray, they're great. Favorite songs are Where The Story Ends (just cut off the last minute or so), Syndicate, Never Say Never, and Over My Head. I'm honestly not overly fond of How to Save a Life even though that's their most popular song.

    Btw if you ever think of any other piano bands, tell me! The more the better, I say. :p
    Yep, you know how "etude" means "study" right? Well, Chopin's etudes are more like masterpieces, that's how great of a composer he was.

    Yeah you should. The stuff in TGP is more upbeat and catchy (imo) than the songs in EiT. Especially Spinning, American Love, The Resolution, Miss California, and the second half of Caves. But my personal favorite track is Annie Use Your Telescope, which is kinda weird and definitely different. :p

    Lol it's unfortunate that the only song you heard by them is one you didn't like. Prospekt's Marth is sort of a mini-album that Coldplay released after Viva la Vida, with several new tracks. The best of which being Life in Technicolor II (I posted a link for it below if you want to listen - great song).

    Btw I'm actually not very knowledgeable about music at all lol. Just when I find a band I like, I go on Wikipedia and find out everything I can about them. So I guess I'm just knowledgeable about the stuff I like, anything else not so much. :p
    Really, that's weird. Yeah their newer stuff is a lot different from their early works. Their newer stuff is in general more upbeat and optimistic; not sure if that's a good thing. My favorite songs are, from the albums:

    Parachutes - Trouble, Sparks
    A Rush of Blood to the Head - Clocks
    X&Y - The Hardest Part (#1 Coldplay song for me), A Message, Low, Swallowed in the Sea, 'Til Kingdom Come... really, the only song I don't like is Twisted Logic.
    Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends - Viva la Vida (yes, I like it lol), Violet Hill, Lost?
    ...And then I also love Life in Technicolor II from the Prospekt's Marth EP. Great song.

    ...Damn 1000 character limit, I hate it.
    My favorite piece by Chopin is his Etude in G-flat (the Black Key Etude), not sure if you've heard it or not. But there you go.

    Oh, I see. The only song by SoCo I've listened to is Konstantine, so I'm not sure how accurate I am by comparing the two, but yeah, Everything in Transit was as the name implies more of a transition album than anything else. It was probably like SoCo, more so than The Glass Passenger. Dark Blue is on EiT and If You See Jordan is a SoCo song lol. TGP is actually quite new (late 08) so I wouldn't be surprised if you haven't heard any of the songs on it.
    Yeah! One of my friends can actually play the minute waltz. I think I learned part of it like five years ago, but I've forgotten it by now. I should dig up the sheet music and learn it again.

    Kay, let me ask you this, what's your favorite song from The Glass Passenger (if any)? Most reviews I read say that TGP is complete trash when compared to Jack's Mannequin's first album, Everything in Transit. Personally (and this is probably because I don't listen to music for lyrics), I like TGP way better than EiT. WAY better. I only like a fraction of the songs on EiT but I like almost every one on TGP. Meh.

    Oh and my favorite album by Coldplay happens to be their least popular one, X&Y. Maybe I'm just weird. Or a "loser" like you!
    Same here, can you believe that like three years ago I only listened to classical, if I listened to anything at all? From that, my two favorite composers are Debussy and... Chopin. His music is indeed good, in fact, it's amazing. Some of the best piano music ever (although I can only play a tiny fraction of it, lol). Yeah, true, Konstantine is rather simplistic but I guess it's good. "I can spell confusion with a k and like it" - haha. I don't listen to music for the lyrics, so I like some songs that don't have lyrics at all as well as some that have really stupid or crappy lyrics. For example I think that this cheesy song from High School Musical is catchy, so I have it on my iPod. XD
    Yeah man, hoodies are the shiz, I have a bunch that I wear whenever it isn't summertime. I actually wore one yesterday. But I nearly boiled to death. Didn't know my church didn't have air conditioning. -_-

    Yeah, as you [should] know, I play the piano, so if a song has piano in it, it's an almost automatic thumbs-up for me. I think I started listening to SoCo's "Konstantine" and then I stopped. What is UP with Andrew McMahon and lengthy songs? Although I have to admit "Caves" is excellent, "MFEO" to an extent as well. lol metal is like the one genre I really dislike, along with hip-hip and rap (although I recently found a hip-hop/rap song that is so dang catchy... thing is, it's half in Japanese lol). Oh and I listen to a lot of vocal-less piano music too. Stuff like this or piano versions of video game/anime soundtracks, etc. If I really like the song I try to learn it.
    Oh, I see. But isn't Texas closer to the equator than California, and therefore hotter? And wouldn't the fact that most of California is near the ocean mean that the temperature is relatively moderate? Well, anyways, it definitely is hot here... but only in the summer really. It can get quite cold any other time. :p

    Aw, yeah, I have a friend who tried the USB thing and it's really unreliable. I was lucky because my dad bought a router and configured it and everything for Wi-Fi, but... yeah, I was lucky. :p

    By the way, thank you SO MUCH for recommending Jack's Mannequin to me, I really really love their latest album (The Glass Passenger). I'm not too big on going to see artists live, but if I went to a concert it would definitely be JM (or Coldplay but since they're British that's more unlikely lol). I also like The Fray, Radiohead, Death Cab for Cutie, and tons of Japanese artists that you wouldn't give a crap about. :p
    Aight, let me know when that happens. Lol I forgot about that whole region-specific thing. I believe you mentioned before that you had a power cord or something that didn't work in the UK since it was from the US. I thought you guys had already moved in and all that. So you're renting an apartment for now?

    Eh, New York is too much of a... HUGE city for me. I don't really like huge cities like NY or San Francisco or even LA. But yeah I want to go to school in Cali if possible since it's relatively close to home. That and the weather is amazing. :p
    Not really, well at least for me I used cloned Mews from Emerald to get a bunch of shinies and legendaries. :p But the D/P GTS still works so it's fine (I have all my Mews on Pearl anyways). That's cool about the time difference. You free any time for battles sometime soon? I have calculus in the morning Monday-Thursday but I'm free basically any other time. Basically.

    Lol it's fine to call it "college" in the states. :p But um... I'm going to be a senior this fall so I have a little more time to think about it, but I'm planning on going to college in California if possible. One of the UC (University of California) schools. Stanford or CalTech... if I'm lucky as heck.
    Yeah seems like it. Sorry man. Makes roulette harder too. But yeah there's only like a two (one?) hour time zone difference now. If we ever played Brawl on Wi-Fi there'd be like no lag.

    Heh, whaddaya know, I used Chimchar in Plat too. I guess it would depend on what you mean by "better." For me, Plat is definitely better since I loved the Battle Factory in Emerald, and so it was nice having more battle facilities than just the Tower. The new Pokedex is cool too. You can use stuff like Lickilicky and the Eeveelutions before the E4. Other than that, not much really, just some minor plot tweaks and some alterations to cities/caves and environments in general. Oh, and the new Wi-Fi stuff is pretty cool. The GTS is broken I think (as in, it doesn't work at all, which sucks), but now you can watch battle videos that people have recorded and posted and stuff.
    Wait, you have a girlfriend and you haven't gone to your school yet? Either you move fast or she's still in Scotland, haha.

    Yeah... I kinda no longer have internet on my computer at all. My parents let me go on the web more often, but only if I ask (otherwise they keep the stupid barriers up), but when I ask, they're always somewhere nearby, and you know how they feel about instant messaging. So yeah that's basically it. Wait one more year when I'm out of high school then I'll be FREE.

    Cool, I'm always up for a battle, but like I said, I haven't picked up Pearl in a few months now. I admit I've been playing the Battle Factory in Platinum, though.
    Whoa, you were the last person I expected to get a message from. In the states now? Which one, if you don't mind me asking? How do you like the weather? Meet some cool kids at your new school? Heh lots of questions I know.

    I haven't been playing Pokemon at all, just mainly SSBB now and then. Although I'm really busy this summer. Calculus every weekday except Friday until the end of July, heh. Always nice to hear from you though.

    Btw I don't think I'll be on MSN... like, ever.
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