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  • P.S. To that overly lengthy post in the Author's Cafe, high five for the Nostalgia Critic/hilarious 90's movie reference in your usertitle. *finger-guns and slides away*
    Why so serious son ?...

    Anyway, merry Christmas ^^
    Didn't get much around the net yesterday :p
    Sorry for not reviewing Goldenrod high lately...got other stuff on my mind...

    So what's new with your life ? =)
    Awesome link! And ya, I figured working at the cinema kept you busy. Check the PM as I replied. I have a link for you too. I forgot about it but I'll pm it to you. My friend Sam made a llittle vid about Starbolts.

    Anyway, hope you've seen Iron Man and Hulk. Awesome movies!
    It's okay, mate. Let me know what this team of heroes is. Been working on a site for my story. Check it out:


    There's not much there. But, there will be soon. Just need to figure out SSI. So, feel free to PM me about this group. I hope I get published some day, too. And congrats on the job. I guess it's better than nothing.

    I gotta have surgery on my right foot soon. Will be tied up for 9 months. They're gonna fuse a couple bones. What happened was I hurt it and dislocated a bone.
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