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Last Activity:
Jun 2, 2020
May 26, 2008
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Well-Known Member, from Ireland

Briankelly130 was last seen:
Jun 2, 2020
    1. Blue Snover
      Blue Snover
      Long time no see.

      Where have you been hiding?
    2. j-master
      Welcome to the ghost type lovers group Briankelly130. I hope you'll enjoy the group ^^.
    3. Shining-Platinum
      Anyway, I have to go now. Bye then x
    4. Shining-Platinum
      Well, I don't talk much coz I'm slightly shy. But, here goes :D:

      - I'm 14
      - I was born and I live in the UK
      - I'm Vietamese
      - I'm Bisexual :D

      How about you?
    5. Shining-Platinum
      It is XD
      Don't even know you that well!
    6. Shining-Platinum
      You shouldn't, let the world know XD
      Wow, new friend already! :D
    7. Shining-Platinum
      It does! XD
      Hope that loser goes away with his head down :@
    8. Shining-Platinum
      No problemo :D
      Your signiture is good aswell :3
    9. Shining-Platinum
      Your. Post. Was. AWESOME!

      Really showed him. Well done XD

      I'm just here to say you really hit the nail on the head in the post. :P
    10. BM14murph
      I'm not so sure maybe around a tenner including shipping??
    11. BM14murph
      Well it's a card dat you get for free off 3v.ie and you use it like you would a credit card

      You go to a local centra with your card and give it to them and give them a certain amount of money plus a fiver charge and they'll give you a receipt like thing that has all the info dat a credit card would with a balance of what ever you gave them

      It's real handy if you want to get stuff off the net without having to get a credit card
    12. BM14murph
      Did ya ever hear of a 3v card?
    13. BM14murph
      Ah i'm doing fine how bout u??

      Nd yep i did but i had to get it off amazon apparently england aren't getting it in shops either
    14. BM14murph
      Hey wassup
    15. The_Mexican_Smeargle
      I', certain it won't work, since it's a totally new game, what with the gen switch and all.

      Are you actually enjoying it? I found it seriously boring to play Fr and Lg after so many good memories of a nearly flawless game. I just found it too...stiff?
    16. The_Mexican_Smeargle
      The pervy old man, all the flowers in there, and you got to use cut ^_^, fortunately, my water starter learned bite, after repeatedly loosing to victrybell and totally killed her Xd. I didn't wanna use up the icebeam TM :O
    17. The_Mexican_Smeargle
      Haha, I was jk, I remember that badge was the coolest one though =d
    18. The_Mexican_Smeargle
      You're a rainbow trainer >.> /envy
    19. Blue Snover
      Blue Snover
      Hiya Brian.

      How was your St. Patricks day?
    20. S-Unit
      I'm not too too bad. Swamped with papers and projects for the most part and procrastinating heavily. No luck so far on getting a bf, I've been shot down everytime I ask a guy. I'll just let them come to me now, lol.
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