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  • Dreamykoala929 @ Yahoo.com...

    Um..some people just do hate crimes, and ar predjudice.

    I know, I mean I hate it. I always end up the DD....

    I'm a sarcastic, neurotic, crazy, sadistic, happy-go-lucky, mood swingy smartass.
    I have a Yahoo IM....that's it. I'm incredibly LAZY.

    Tekken, is that a fighting game?

    You know, San Fransico may scream PRIDE. But it's not all accepting as it seems.

    Lmao, the Irish People aren't ALWAYS drunk. Some of them are really nice, except for this one kid. At this pub some kid called Johnny O'Maley. He accused me of stealing his chickens at this pub. Here's how it went.

    Johnny: Why are you messing with my Chickens.

    Me: Your Chickens? Are you nuts, what the hell would I want with your chickens.

    Long story short...darts are really handy when they're sharp.
    Well, I don't come off as the fighter either. But I'll use my flexibility and ability to flip and cartwheel to win. I have really strong legs. One time, using my feet, I clutched a guy by his neck and backflipped, bringing him to the floor with my legs still strangling him. From there I slapped him into another school.

    I live near San Fransico. So if I ever need a guy, I'll find one with ease.
    Okay if your REALLY that curious I'll tell a whole bunch about myself.

    I'm thirteen, and a really mean sadist. Howver because of my appearance, they don't take me seriously. I'm often called the Maiden of Malice. Because of my pure and kind appearance, however deep down. I'll force you to suffer, simply out of revenge or because I don't like you...

    However I love to inflict pain on myself to, out of depression and low self esteem. However I'll take a diffrent turn in the...b....eee....never mind. And I'll have a huge love for bondage.

    I"m Californian. However I love Europe...
    I'm adding you to my friend's list. Thanks for agreeing on my point. It's like all they think about when they think of gay is sex. But reality thanks. And I like the movie Juno, but it does have some glorification in it.
    Second thing is experience. Milotic is a pokemon with a high special defense, you noticed you energy ball did like 1/3 damage? That is because Milotic has a high spe def and a relatively high hp. I kinda know pokemon there good points and bad points.

    Third. I noticed that your pokemons attacks are not that different. I mean I thought your venusaur used 3 grass type moves against my pokemon? Most of my pokemon have at most 2 moves of the same type. So they can cover more pokemon with the 4 moves they know. For example : Staraptor (mine) Brave Bird, U-turn, Close Combat, Return.

    And ehm fourth xD, itemuse. Did you use any items? I didn't really see them? But I can give advice on that
    yeah first of all one thing for matches is prediction. Although I lacked that aswell with your switches and all :p. But sometimes you can predict what pokemon is going to be used since you already know the opponents his pokemon. And then you can prospect what he will do. Lets say it was Milotic vs Infernape. I had to see Venusaur comming, but I was not sure (I know Close Combat hurts Milotic badly was about 50% of its hp). If I knew you would switch to Venusaur, and if I used Ice beam, Venusaur would have been OHKO or so.
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