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    Hahaha :) Woah the dance is really catchy! But hey, maybe the Chimmy dance is so powerful that Charmander just can't resist dancing with us. Oh yeah, Piplup dressed as a clown got to be a good distraction. See how confident he is in the picture? :) And maybe we can dress up as clowns too. :D I wish all clowns were as cute as Piplup!
    It amuses me too *does the Chimmy dance* :D
    Oh, I've never thought of that, but you're right! Poor Charmander, about to be busted :)
    I'm gonna be taking my first education-related course next semester, so we'll see how that goes. I've heard that students tend to like it.
    People generally tend to like me, so I don't think it should be too much of a big deal. But yeah, I'd be a great target for those pranks, so I'll have to watch out. I know that math teachers have the potential to be likable, so I need to make sure I'm one of those and not one of the ones everyone hates.
    What kind of kid would smile in a math class? Haha. I've always liked math teachers, and the subject has always come the most naturally to me, and even through tough concepts, it's my favorite thing to learn about in school. And most other jobs that would involve a math major generally have to do with sitting alone at a computer all day, but I would prefer to work with other people.
    Oh, I'm not just thinking about it; it's what's definitely going to happen. The fact that I grew up in and was raised in New York doesn't help, but I can chose to live where I want. I've geared my education towards becoming a math teacher, which is something I should be able to do regardless of location.

    I wish I could be with my friends, but they (especially my roommate) need a break from each other and to visit their own friends back home, which I don't really have any of. I've just always wanted to leave NY, so I didn't care much to make close friends there.
    Thank you so much, happy holidays to you too!

    Unfortunately for me, there isn't much to do over my breaks from college, but at least I can stay in Florida, where it's much warmer than anywhere else in North America or Canada at this time of year. I just can't wait until I've permanently moved here.
    Hi! Good to see you here again. I've been doing pretty well, and I'm especially looking forward to my first warm and snowless Christmas!
    sorry brit-angel but i checked some other groups out and apparently there is another naruto group. :p so feel free to join that one. in the mean time, i am gonna make another group. any ideas?
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