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(breathes in)(adjusts brim of completely plain snapback)(breathes out)(breathes in again) Yay-uh! What up YouTube YouTuuuuUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUBE WHAT UP? JOLIE OLIE COMIN AT YA, FOR CUUUUSTOMGROW420, THIS 18 AND OVER CHANNEL DESIGNED FOR CANNABIS PATIENTS AND ADULTS! (breathes in) Alright man, in this one, 25 DABS IN A ROW, FAST! WE’RE CELEBRATIN’ 250,000 SUBSCRIBERS ON YOUTUBE; THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH. THIS VIDEO IS GOING TO GO UP INTO THE CRAZY HIT LIBRARY, AND THIS VIDEO IS ALL FOR FUN. IF AT ANY TIME YOU ENJOY THIS VIDEO, MAKE SURE YOU GIVE THIS VIDEO THE THUMBS-UP! AND IF YOU HAVEN’T SUBSCRIBED TO CUSTOMGROW420 ALREADY, SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE! 25 dabs in a row, fast! We got the Dabinator hooked up to the Sabertooth Sidewinder; we got the Peace of Mind E-unit hooked up to some Thick *** Glass, and my wife, she’s gonna hand us five hot rigs during this video. (breathes out) (breathes in) 25 dabs. Each dab represents 10,000 subscribers on YouTube. We’re gonna try to do these things as fast as possible; we’re about to get high as ****! We got some backup dabbers, in case these things get warm and stick to the dabs; we got a few backup dabs… What’re we dabbing on here? Some bubble gum, from my boy Brandon: lifteddreamextracts on IG! (breathes in) 25 dabs in a row. FAST! What do we got here? The Honey Dripper, from Sabertooth. (breathes in)(breathes out)(breathes in) Ohh… (breathes out) 25 dabs in a row. Cheers! (takes dab) Somebody keep track! (exhales smoke) Count the time. (Immediately takes another dab from a larger dab rig)(exhales smoke)(takes another dab) Oh my god, we’re gonna be ****in’ lit up! (exhales smoke) Oh, we’re gonna hotbox this room up. (coughs) Oh yeah. (Coughs) Oh my goodness, oh my goodness. (picks up another dab rig) Let’s get it. (takes another dab) (exhales smoke) H-huwhoaaa–(coughs whinily) Oh my goodness man, five down and we’re gettin’ there. Oh yeah. Come on. Let’s see that stuff. Ohhoh–yay-uh! The double barreled recycler–(coughs whinily)–let that cool down for one second. Let’s get it on.(takes another dab)(sputters)(exhales smoke)(coughs whinily)Oh-ho-ho(coughing) Oh my goodness man, these things are absolutely–(coughs) Oh god! …we got another one; let’s get it. 250,000 subscribers! (painfully)Hahhhh. (takes dab)Whoa–(coughs whinily) Ohhh. Oh god. (Takes another dab immediately) Whoooaa–(coughs whinily) Oh god. (takes another dab) Hoooo–(coughs) My whole body’s drippin’ sweat bad right now. (inhales)(coughs) The DabTime Bubbler! (takes dab)(sputters)(coughs whinily) Oh my goodness, 10 down, 15 to go!(takes another dab)(coughs, worse than before) Holy cow. (drinks water) Oh my goodness. Ohhh–(coughs) Let’s get this last one out. (coughs) Fat Boy Glass Mini Inline. 25 dabs. Fast! Cheers. (takes dab)(coughs whinily) Oh ****! (coughs) Alright. Time to do work. Ohhh, hohhh… let’s get it. (exhales) 25 dabs in a row(coughs) fast. (coughs) Whoa, oh. Cheers. (takes dab) (coughs heavily without clearing the dab rig)(blows nose)(clears dab rig) Oh god. (coughs) Oh god. We’re halfway done. Halfway dead. Ahhhh–(coughs)(takes dab)(coughs) Ughhhh. That’s 15. (takes dab)(coughs) Oh god. Let’s get it. Ahh-(coughs) I’m so dizzy right now. Hohhh-(coughs) Ahhh. 16. (takes dab)(coughs heavily) 17. It can be done. (takes dab)(coughs) Oh god, here we go. Hoohhh. (takes dab)(coughs whinily)(pained noises)(takes dab)(coughing fit) Oh god. (wipes sweat from face with towel) Ugh. 19. Oh god.(coughs) (takes dab) (coughs) 20; oh my goodness. Holy cow… (moans) I don’t think I’ve ever been this high in my life. (takes dab)(coughs) Oh ****! (coughs) Ohhhohohooo, ****… Ugh. (coughs) God damn. Ugh. (takes dab)(coughs)(blows nose into sweat towel)(coughs) Oh ****. I’m high. (coughs) I’m dying. (blows nose into paper towel) Ohh. What do we got? Ready to go, man. (clears dab rig) it can be done. (coughs) Oh ****. (coughs)(takes dab)(coughs heavily) Oh my god. Ohhhh. Oh ****. Hoohhh. 2 in 1. Let’s get it. 25 dabs in a row, fast. (takes dab)(coughs) Let’s get it. 25–oh my goodness. dabs in a row fast. Somebody gimme the time–major. Oh my goodness. (takes dab)(coughs)(wipes face with rag used to blow nose earlier) Hold on. Time. Oh my goodness. (coughs) Oh my goodness.(groans) Holy ****. (coughs) Ohh. Oh god.(coughs) Oh my goodness, man. (Blows nose into sweat rag)(raises fists, visibly sweaty) 250,000 subscribers! Alright man, if you guys are still watching this right now, hit the thumbs up. If you enjoyed it, share it to your Facebook so somebody else can see. (adjusts hat) I don’t think I’ve ever been this high in my life, unless i was asleep. (coughs)(groans loudly) Oh my goodness. You guys already know what’s up man. (unintelligible)–CustomGrow420, go check out some other videos on this channel… check out those (strained)playlists. If you have questions or comments, I want you to throw them down. Other than that, I’m Jolie Olie, I’m comin’ to ya, for CustomGrow420–(coughs)(gives 2 thumbs up) As always, good growin’!(coughs)

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