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  • Hi^^ I am interested in one of your shiny pokemon. Just wanted to inquire about it.
    Hi there! I know I'm super late to the game on this, but are you still interested in one of my shinies? :) Just let me know, I'd be happy to help!
    yeah i had, but i don't knock which one you ( still ) have.
    also it seemed like you ''closed'' that thread since it said something about moving on to gen 7, so i didn't know it was still open for gen 6.
    also i was looking for a few items ( also in gen 6 ) but i do not know if you'd have these ( kinda rare to only one per game rare ) items
    do you still have something left in gen 6 that you're willing to trade ?
    Hey there! I do have tons of Gen 6 Pokémon up for trade, have you checked out my trade shop? :)
    Good evening Britt long time no talk! Letting you know that I am home for the summer and ready to do a lot more event trading in Pokemon :)
    No problem! c: Made a post in yer thread.

    Also, I noticed that some of your older events had some OTs from a hack list over on PC, so I wanted to send you the hack list to check against. Namely I'm worried about some of your PCNY Pokemon (Zangoose and Salamence has the OT on the list), so I'd recommend checking to see if they match and if they do, taking them off your list. That also has a lot of Shinies and other event hacks from back in the day, so it's overall a good list to check against. Just thought I'd bring it to your attention!
    Hahah don't be, I remember those days well so I totally understand. @w@ I'd still be interested in a trade! Sadly I might have to change it again as I now would only need Misdreavus maybe, in which case let me go and check your trade thread and re-choose some stuff. I'll post there and let you know what I might like, then you can let me know if you want the same stuff or something different. Thanks! c:
    For real haha. Cool! Unfortunately I'm headed out of town in a few hours, so if I don't catch you before then I won't be able to trade til maybe mid-January? Sorry bout that, but I'll jot down the trade and catch you when I can! @w@
    No prob! Ah also, this is still trading on 6th yeah? (Since Bank isn't available yet I have nothing on my 7th Gen games, so I wanted to make sure.)
    Cool! I thiiiiink that should be okay, but I need to double-check Swirlix (he might be one of the OTs that I'm not allowed to redistribute after all). If it isn't then it's all good! c: I'll get back to you hopefully tomorrow on that.
    AHA, I knew I had an extra Volcanion floating around for a reason! Yes I'd still be interested, though I've gotten most of the Shinies I originally wanted so I'll take a look again. Also due to the international release of Volcanion I'm fine doing a 1:1 for him now. I'll post in your thread about it soon~
    Oh my gosh yer alive, I'm so glad! xD I'm still interested! The original trade was Shiny Spearow, Misdrevus, Krabby and Phanpy for Volcanion, but seeing as international release is right around the corner I'd be happy to knock that down to 1 or 2 Shinies only. I'd still really like all four of them though so if you'd like something else I'm happy to add on!
    Hello there! We had agreed on a trade awhile ago but I've been super busy and keep missing you! @@ I believe it was 4 shinies for my Volcanion? Let me know if yer still interested!
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