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Last Activity:
Feb 9, 2020
Jun 9, 2008
Likes Received:
Dec 4, 1992 (Age: 27)

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Collector!, Female, 27, from U.S.

Let's make some trades! Mar 31, 2018

Britt was last seen:
Feb 9, 2020
    1. Doziz
      Hey there, I've got a spare Articuno HA code, think you'd be interested in it? It's one of the codes from the UK newsletter, so idk if you'd be able to redeem it. If you are interested, I'll take a look through your extensive trade shop and see if anything in particular takes my fancy :D
    2. Mr.FusRoDah

      I'm wondering if you're still up for the trade for the UT Hailey's Mew and the UT Hailey's Phione (I had to delete Surf to transfer it to Gen V, but I will happily reteach it surf upon request) for the HA Articuno and HA Zapdos.

      Please let me know.
    3. Pikachu Fan Number Nine
      Pikachu Fan Number Nine
      [did you get my last message?]
    4. Yknot
      Hi there,

      I just noticed you posted looking for a HA articuno which I have redeemed from a code. I believe the IV's are Timid 29/x/31/31/31/30 (I got pretty lucky SR'ing for IV's)

      It should be in the list I posted of my events in your shop but just wanted to tell you the IV's in case that made a difference. :)
    5. Pikachu Fan Number Nine
      Pikachu Fan Number Nine
      [what's your favorite Pokemon?]
    6. Yknot
      thanks so much for the trades and also the clone!
    7. Yknot
      Sounds good see you soon! :)
    8. Yknot

      Already go the cresselia cloned :)
    9. Yknot
      FC: 3626-0056-0517

      IGN: Justin

      looking forward to trading with you! :)
    10. Yknot
      Hi there. Just letting you know i got back home and if you are going to be up longer i can trade if that is good for you. (i will probably be up another couple hours) Otherwise we can maybe trade a couple days from now :)
    11. KenzeyEevee
      I am doing great, thanks for the asking!:)
    12. Yknot
      Hey there, looks like we are in similar timezones so that is nice!

      As far as availability goes I will be online for a couple more hours tonight and will be available to trade tomorrow (tuesday) most times after 4:00 pm central US time. I will need time for dinner sometime after that but besides that after 4:OO ish I should be free :)
    13. Yknot
      Sounds great and sorry for the wait! yea I should have asked you if you could clone in the first place so sorry about that! I will be free most of the day tomorrow to set up a trade aside from about an hour of teaching I have to do at home plus dinner so yea just let me know what works for you :) (I am GMT -5 if that helps (central US time zone))
    14. Yknot
      Hey sorry it is taking me a bit. i'm not able to do my own cloning and I always try to be patient with the person who has been doing it for me lately. If you are able to clone what I trade you for me and trade it back that would speed things up (and also would be less stuff to do for my cloner). But yes still interested in trading with you :)
    15. Pikachu Fan Number Nine
    16. KenzeyEevee
      How are you doing today?:)
    17. XxMegaGlurakYxX
      Ok,wait a moment.
    18. Yknot
      Hi Britt,
      I just wanted to VM you about my post in your trade shop and see if you are interested. I also wanted to update my offer and let you know I should have a walmart Garchomp in my pokebank. The code was originally mine but I traded the code to Asmoday/Ms. Alexis and in return she gave me some events and cloned it and traded me back a copy.
    19. cocas
      I'm online :)
    20. Fissurous
      Hi! I've responded to your post on the hack check thread. Sorry it's so late, I somehow missed it and just realized.
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    Dec 4, 1992 (Age: 27)
    Favourite Pokémon:
    Nintendo Network ID:
    Nintendo 3DS Friend Code:
    Currently playing UltraSun; PM me for trade information!

    Pokémon, sleeping, eating, etc,.


    Currently Trading:
    LOTS of events, shinies, & legendaries.
    PM me for more information!
    Or visit my trade shop?
    {Here's my master spreadsheet
    it's way more detailed!}

    IGN: Britt
    • Galaxy 3DS XL FC: 1177-6855-6151 (UltraSun)
    • Nintendo Switch FC: SW-7010-7046-9636
    Completed Shield; currently collecting Gigantamax Pokémon in-game!
    Completed my Self-OT Living Dex on 4/13/19!

    Please PM me after adding!