• Hi all
    Just a notice, we recently discovered that someone got into a moderator account and started hard deleting a load of key and legacy threads...around 150 threads have been lost dating back to 2007 and some weeks ago so we can't roll the forums back.
    Luckily no personal data could be accessed by this moderator, and we've altered the permissions so hard deleting isn't possible in the future
    Sorry for any inconvenience with this and sorry for any lost posts.
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  • Awesome! I think I might try that, too. Maybe on one game, SS for instance, I'll leave it in sleep mode the entire time, and on HG, I'll reset after every hour or so and see how I go. I know it's all random, but sometimes it's worth trying something different, and hey, it works for you. Good luck with your next hunt!
    AGHHH! Get in there cocoadragon! I can't believe something finally shone for you! Let's see what happens to me now. I'm at 3,484 REs.
    Awesome!! Such a great shiny! We're getting close to finishing soon. Best of luck on your new Psyduck hunt :). I always struggle getting straight back into a hunt that's why I spend a few days just training otherwise I think I'd go insane haha.
    Haha cheers! Was just so relieved after getting Ratatta, I wasn't ready for what was to happen next. It was just such an unexpected great surprise and even better that it was something I was going for next anyway! Good luck with your hunts :)
    I suppose that's a possibility. I've only had good experiences with the mods here though, even when there were disagreements.
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