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  • Hey dude I'm going to reviewing PaG soon and I want you to see what I thought about it

    Exactly: here's another line I came across just now re-watching ESS-- "There's more to raising a Pokemon than forcing it to evolve, and I like this Pikachu just the way it is."

    Really, anyone saying PaG is better has no taste in writing.
    Pretty much more or less that, with "Stop complaining: ESS is worse anyway" being the comment in full. Exactly right on all accounts.

    Again, I agree: it's all about THE BATTLEZ being TEH COOLEST and the STRENGTH OF THE POKEEEMONZ that constitutes good writing to the DP and XY Anime fans, IMO.

    "If Pikachu becomes a Raichu, I might be able to win that badge. On the other hand, to make it evolve just to fight...I would be just like Surge...Pikachu, what do you want to do? I really wanna beat that Surge, but I also don't want to force you to evolve if you'd be happier staying the way you are now."

    --> Now that is good writing and gave OS Ash the kind of depth of character his future incarnations have all lacked, IMO.
    I really don't blame you, man: one of my other friends got nega'd and with the description "ESS is worse."

    Wow, they wouldn't know good writing if it kicked them in the a*s, man.
    Her Japanese seiyu isn't fantastic, either, but I can stand the performance! lol.

    IKR? What a lack of creativity.

    "Get over it." = I don't like what you said, so accept everything done good or bad and pretend like it's good because I said so.
    Agreed: I have a love/hate relationship with her.

    Bonnie's English dub voice makes me want to punch her in the face, though, so thankfully I watched the subbed version and Eureka's seiyu is a lot better than whatever the heck Alyson has been trying with Bonnie, IMO. xD.

    Also, Carter's script writing for her sucks too, apparently.

    Bonnie @ TR in the English dub: "You guys are such annoying bad people!"

    Oh god...why? lol.
    IKR? She's horrible so far. -_-
    Ash is OK, Clemont is great, and Bonnie is slightly poor to me. TR and Serena just...go jump off a _liff and go di_. -_-
    That's saying something, huh?
    O_O...I didn't mean...well, if anyone on the current VA cast gave me that idea, it was Knotz as May.
    It really sounds badass, but it isn't!
    It was much better then I thought. In fact I'd rank it up there as one of the top American cartoons along with Ben 10 and Avatar.
    Ah, I see: pretty much how she will be for the next 8 episodes, too. Also, be warned, she is rather horn_ for Ash to say the least.
    Horrific, right? -_-
    Yup: you bet. I've also come up with Natosucky as well as Z Pingas America (from Z Pang America).
    I don't blame you most shows on TV are crap nowadays. I'm actually watching reruns of episodes I never saw like the entirety of Ben 10 Ultimate Alien and Generator Rex.
    That makes sense. Tbh I've mostly chosen to invest in seeing other series like Ben 10 and Generator Rex over LoK.
    Yup-- she sucks, huh?
    I know-- only DP Rocket is their equal or worse!
    Crapcart and Z Pingas America went full blast with giving Ash dumb lines that dub episode, IIRC. Also, "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" from Brandon.
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