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  • [ Well, that's what TR mostly does. However, I do have one late chapter where the TR plot is actually interesting, but I won't spoil that now. ]
    [ Oh, I thought this was one of the better battles... Probably because most people read chapter 5 when it just came out, and chapter 6 when I just posted it, so they had the cliffhanger between the chapters. For you, the cliffhanger wasn't there, so that probably made it less nice for you.

    Team Rocket is supposed to be useless... ]
    Ash's BW team together for the first time and the team picture thing at the end of the episode.
    [ Well, this was a bad old chapter, and the Gary and Jasmine thing will make more sense later on. ]
    I know...it has honestly...been really tough to see what has happened to the 4 of them for me to say the least.

    I had hope for Team Rocket in BW, and I liked them again, but then Da! happened. Whatever progress they had made was then erased entirely in my eyes...now they're just fodder there for the sake of it.
    I liked the episode but it barely brought anything new outside a few heartwarming scenes.
    I honestly do as well, if he's headed nowhere, but I know both himself and Team Rocket are still on the show for keeps at this point. I also want Team Rocket to go, and just start afresh with new characters from the games from Gen VII onwards. Sadly, I know what Ash and Team Rocket have become at this point...it is really very sad.
    Yet Ash has the nerve to say he wants to be a Pokemon Master when he'd rather goof off on filler islands then go back home asap and train a bit before going on a new journey.
    It was meh. I didn't like or hate it but it was unnecessary and didn't really need to happen or last as long as it did.
    Nor is how they handled it in the final episode of BW.

    He says he wants to be a Pokemon Master again there, but there's no conviction on his part.
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