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  • Ah i see, yeah i liked Tracey too, and it was sad that he lasted for only one season as main.
    Meowth was always hilarious too.
    Misty was only character which got took out at end of Johto which was shame because she had potential to grow more and brought great dynamic in cast. They took her out because of advertizing finding new girl like May would be more suitable to do contests and because head writer(rip, passed away few ears ago) who brought that decision thought how she didn't had big enough role and wasn't pretty/charming enough for girl.
    My favorite is probably Misty. She was very rich with personality bringing lot of humor and chemistry into cast, i liked her unique dream of becoming best water trainer and she had rough childhood having to deal with glamorous sisters with everyone viewing her as "runt".

    Its wishful thinking at this point, but i would like to see her back having unfinished story.

    So you haven't watched anime for long time? Hmm personally if i was getting into it i would probably continue with newest region like BW with anime being designed in that way that you can start with about any saga, because of weak continuity and scarse references to past(one of its low points sadly). Although i would probably watch first few seasons from OS like Kanto and Orange Islands too to see how everything started and to get know Ash and friends which helped him to grow as trainer better. Hoenn and DP were pretty good series too, though starting in middle of show could be somewhat confusing.
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