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  • Ah, okay. I've been asking everyone about Discord lately. It's a more convenient way for me to get in touch with everyone without them having to log on to these forums, especially considering they hardly get on anymore, I mean look at how long it took between me asking Azurus a question and him giving me an answer. XD
    Ha, I was expecting Smooth Mcgroove, cause he's done a U.N. Owen Was Her video, but Richaad's even better. I love his metal covers for Undertale.

    I've been listening to Touhou a lot lately, and I'm always thinking of what songs I can fit into the SN Fic I'm working on (Which is currently on hiatus until Ginger can Beta Read and edit everything I've written so far, but she's going through Writer's Block right now so that's delaying things a bit).

    I've recently picked a couple Touhou songs as battle themes for a couple characters of my own, namely a Kitsune I came up with a couple years ago, Kitai Hayashi, and his mother, Kasumi. I will say though as much as I would like to use Kitai in a tabletop game like Pathfinder or D&D, it wouldn't be the version I used in Charred's RP, though he'd still be a Kitsune.

    While I'm at it, do you have Discord?
    I was just listening to some video game music while also thinking of SN and this kinda brought her to mind.
    Doing alright. Trying to get back to my writing this year. I have a oneshot thatI've finished writing, but I need an editor. Any chance I can get you to look at it?
    You know, they say that if your memories are horrifying enough, your mind does its best to suppress them. *sage nod*

    (No, but really, I am really curious now, lmao.)

    Fair enough about not reading, by the by. I mean, side jobs (even freelance ones) take a lot of time, so I can't blame ya. That and Stardew Valley looks so effing addictive. Too bad the usual problem I have with Steam games prevents me from playing it. (ʘ‿ʘ✿) (I'm sorry. I just have to share my salt. Because why, Steam. Why. I mean, yeah, I can probably just do VirtualBox or something, but then you'd actually have to buy a copy of a Windows OS, and by that point, you might as well just get off your lazy butt and boot up your Windows-running laptop for once this year. But it's like, it's always all the way over there, and why bother running two computers at the same time?)

    No, but long story short, I hear ya about games. XD

    I am also laughing just a little about the distribution of your donations. Like, hot dang, Bru. Sequences are apparently where the real money's at. Or maybe chaptered fics. You've got a good point—I've read Kompera's comments, and daaaaang, that following. I am clearly in the wrong business when it comes to creative writing, Bru.
    Haha, re, customers: You'll be surprised. Don't read Notalwaysright. 8) And God forbid you don't know your books based on vague details.

    Nah, I'm kidding. You'll be fine. ;D Customers in "luxury" retail fields (like books and cosmetics and whatnot) aren't so bad. Sure, you get the occasional entitled customer, but I agree. It's nothing like in a retail place where folks need items. Especially retail places that are sure to get filled up with stressed out moms. You sure dodged a bullet when it comes to the back-to-school season this time around. (Please tell me the horror stories of years past. I can only imagine that they were amazing.)

    That said, though, here's hoping things continue to go awesomely for you at that job. Like, I've seen my bookstore friends develop the amazing ability to compile rec lists at a moment's notice, and I could really use more folks to geek out over books with. (I mean, there's Firebrand, but I'm talking about, like, more than one person.)

    Also! Dang, NSFW dA and Tumblr treated you well. I mean, I know that everyone says there's good money in that field, but now I'm kinda considering it because $400 in three months sound pretty awesome.

    'Course, you're also an artist and therefore have an extra advantage. Helps that your stuff is actually pretty good too. Like, cute but brightly colored and unique—something that catches folks' eyes and all. So!
    Well! Environment's definitely important with a job. And hey, not to go too deeply into personal stuff off a private chat, but the company's not half bad, either. ;D I envy what must be your employee perks.

    And aww yeeeeeah, art money.
    That's too much of a compliment ;D thanks for remembering me :3
    It's good that you still check once every while, honestly I miss the old days now that you remind me xD
    I hope you're well
    Bru, you gotta help me. I got Hyrule Warriors Legends, and I can't stop playing. You're the only one who can save my social life. Please, I'm desperate.
    So I started up Triforce Heroes and tried to go online. Got teamed up with a pair of trolls...Well that's what I get for looking for randoms. =P
    I asked because I got it for Christmas, but I haven't started it yet. I'm waiting until I 100% PSMD and kinda asking around for co-op partners among people I know in the meantime.
    I take it you're happy to know that Pachirisu is in Pokken Tournament, albeit as a Support?
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