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  • I may or may not have finished the 'post story' myself. Not quite sure, but there's still a crap ton of Pokemon to connect with and dungeons to explore. Welcome to Hell, my inner completionist.
    Same here. It's been a **** ton better than Gates to Infinity, I can say that much for sure.
    Oh, then I must've misread what he said. I still need to do the 3.1 stuff, but as much as I don't wanna fall behind like I did with pretty much the entirety of 2.0, I'm just too busy to play the game for long stretches of time at the moment.
    Ya, Agent did say he hasn't gotten Heavensward yet. My only level 60 is a Black Mage at item level 144....Yaaaaaa I haven't touched anything post game since beating the main story final boss for Heavensward, and I want to level up the Machinist before I go into any of that....and it's lvl 32 right now.
    I knew Agent played it, the others not so much. I play it too, just haven't much lately since a falling out with a friend and his FC shortly after Heavensward came out.
    I just got onto Deviantart for the first time in a while and saw your drawing. I didn't know you played Final Fantasy 14.
    Hey there. I was thinking of starting a fic-writing challenge where people would try to write a certain number of words per day for as many days in a row as possible, and offer prizes for people who managed to get very long (nine month) streaks. One of those prizes would be a custom art commission ($15 or less) from a list of artists, and I was wondering if you'd be interested in being one of them. Basically, you'd work out with the person what they wanted drawn, but I would be the one to pay you for it. I don't imagine you'd get asked to draw anything particularly often (or ever, depending on participation), given the length of the streak required, and people would only be able to request you if you were actually open for commissions at the time.
    It's something at least.

    It's also kinda funny and awesome that Serebii's PotW is Pachirisu. So... congrats on your favorite Pokemon being covered on your birthday!
    Happy Birthday, Bru! Have a birthday cake of Pachirisu!

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