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  • Well, that makes sense. (Yes, I do remember, now that you mention it.) Cool. It's awesome to see you develop your characters like that; it makes for a very interesting story.

    Done and done. Thank you so much for the banner, Brutaka. It looks awesome.
    Yeah, here comes the further confusion!

    Any possibility that I can have a new banner? I'll have to think about what I want in it though.
    Ah, nice!

    Well, it used to be 200,000, but they recently changed it two days ago apparently. Yeah, they really don't want us to have banners now; so say good bye to your art shop!
    Ah. I see. I definitely see your point there, now that I look at it that way. Either way, it should be very interesting to see how their relationship will continue to develop.

    Oh my fate, I love it! Um...what's the code for it, though? I'd like to use it on the WoJ forum, not here.
    Wow! Nice job! What was it?

    Yeah, it's pretty good!

    Also, the pixel limit on signatures is 150,000 now! Just thought that it would be good for you to know that.
    From what I've noticed, you're definitely handling Shane and April's relationship better. May want a bit more bickering, though; that's what couples are wont to do.

    -grin- Hypno (a.k.a., my favorite Pokemon of all time). I'd like a daydreaming one if possible, but I'd be fine with anything that isn't creepy.
    That never gets old.

    Also, I'm starting to get less and less interested with Audn, any suggestions as to what I should do? I mean, I have some ideas that I could probably use in it, but I'd need to talk about them to someone first.
    And in the worst case scenario, it becomes Twilight without all of the extra-curricular things that made Twilight as hated as it is.

    I hate shoveling snow...

    Um, I have a question: you think I could have a banner?
    Definitely true. If it's not realistic, then the emotions won't hit as they should.

    Yeah. Looks like we got five to six inches of snow and a quarter-inch of ice. This is gonna be a pain...
    Okay, not cliche or too forward. I can understand that.

    Yeah, freezing rain sucks. I think we've been getting a bit of that as well (although thankfully, the snowstorm looks like it has stopped.)
    What would you consider a good romance arc?

    Definitely true. Anything that makes you think about your story and the direction it's going in is a good thing.

    I like the cold more than the heat as well, but I am not a fan of this...
    Which doesn't need to be there. Honestly, people care more about the shippings than they do the actual characters. That's why romance is never at the forefront of any of my stories (no, Revenant doesn't count; the relationship between Claude and Andrea is a lot more complex than "they're in love with each other").

    Oh. I normally try to use the words and messages. Haven't found any that truly fit yet, but I will eventually.

    Yeah. Breezy was a major help in constructing the premise of Revenant and Stacked Deck, just by talking and hammering out details.

    I absolutely loathe Mother Nature right now. I'm freezing my damned arse off... -rage-
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