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  • So much so that once I'm finally done with it I most likely will not touch another Warriors game for years.
    Oh ya. They're good games. Well put together. When I left you'd just started the fanfics. Glad that panned out for you. I think I saw one of your drawings once. If it's what I'm thinking of it was extremely well done. That's too bad about the digital work though. You had a talent.
    I'm good. went through a tough spot a little while ago, but now it's all good. School. work, day to day stuff. Picked up OR the other day and started playing. Figured i'd snoop around here again.
    Unfortunately, I've got school starting up again tomorrow and with that, I've got work I'm still doing... So, I'll sadly say I can't...
    Thanks for the fanfic for the Yuletide, it was amazing and I loved it! You made such a good story out of a prompt that wasn't all that good. Again, thanks and have a great new year (even though i'm a day late saying that)
    Hmm, today I'll do that. I'll finish some of O:SV and some of the new chapter of Overthrown... Today is the day to get stuff done.
    ...... Wow. XD That's kinda surprising... Let's hope I can, you know, get them qualified for 2015 sometime soon...
    There will be more puns. Be sure of it.

    Honestly, I wanna show this story to one of my friends from home who loves bad puns. He'd have a field day reading this.
    Read your two Yuletide fics. Lost Loot was awesome, made a review, all that jazz. Stone'd...
    PUUUUNS! PUNS EVERYWHERE!! So. Much. Puns. It was, shall we say...pun-tastic!

    (Aaaand, cue face palm!)
    well, you woke up after new years eve, so nothing special happened, and nothing unique ever happens on January first at nighttime, so yeah, nothing special at for you it seems.
    Because your sprite was voted as a finalist in the 'Sprite of the Year' contest, I would like to give you this small price:
    Well, and Meeker agreed with me as well (he went through depression and got out of that), so yeah, thanks!
    So did Andydemon. Although I'm probably making a big mistake mentioning it again. X/
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