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  • Still, sorry to hear you had to go through such an experience just to get an okay Christmas. :/

    XD You can still rename her.

    Well... Worse, perhaps. You've definitely attracted a lot of traffic to the fan fiction forums, which is good... And, while I get the message you were going for with the fic, I can definitely understand how some of the other reviewers might not have seen such a message, considering one of them claims to have gone through something similar. But, that's what a lot of writing is, isn't it? People interpreting things for themselves and that not always being what the author wanted or intended.
    We haven't! Anyways, Christmas was pretty good. Got the things I wanted, even though I didn't have extravagant wishes. But, it was good. Saw family, got money to help pay for a car, it was good. I'm sorry to hear that yours wasn't as good as it could have been... Guess that's part of growing up, I guess. :/ ... Heh, maybe next year we can do a hangout around this time for anyone who wants to come just to celebrate in case someone's not having a great time in real life.

    Well, it's what Felix wanted to be~ XD But anyways, congrats, Bru!

    I saw that and your post on the WoJ forums. I agree with you, it was ... Rather strange.
    Right. I would think that line could be interpreted in any number of ways. Does he really kill himself, or does he curl up in that one sanctuary he has for the rest of his life however short his time left is? I know the answer should be obvious. But hey, the more open to interpretation and thought provoking you make something the more it sticks with the audience you present it too, such is a sign of good quality in art.

    I have read Predestined so I'm aware of that, your other works I haven't, but I hope to eventually.
    So he DOES drop off the cliff in the end...I interpreted it as such considering the implications and his state of mind at the end, but with nothing explicitly stating he did I wasn't 100% sure.

    You seem to have a thing for protagonists dying...I'm both intrigued and disturbed.
    I just read that one shot of yours, Bru. And I gotta say.....Jesus....that has got to be one of the darkest, depressing stories I've ever read. Just the fact that it's set in the typically lighthearted world of Pokemon makes it all the more impacting with how it contrasts with Pokemon's usual kid-friendly tones.

    I mean, I know Pokemon has had dark subject matter as far back as the first games with Lavender Town, but it's never gonna reach this extreme in any official canon I can tell you that much right now.
    At least at this point. It's been less than a day, Bru. Give it time. XD ... (I'll get back into writing sometime soon. :/ ... )

    Might I ask if you got to my banner at all today? If not, that's cool. No rush.
    Congrats! I just finished it (didn't see any glaring errors), but I didn't see that you'd posted it already. XD
    it doesn't sound too great, though it is free to cast (mana wise). but 15$? huh...
    Yeah, I kinda figured it was over. So what card is the 15$ one? and I saw that and commented on her wall about it :D
    Merry Christmas!
    Huh. You don't? ...Have you gotten a Sylveon yet?

    Also, I have started a Nuzlocke on Y. The rules are as such:

    1. You may only catch the first Pokémon you see on any given route. Run away? Kill it? Too bad.
    (1a.) Exceptions are on routes 1 and 7 where you're guaranteed to see the same Pokémon (Pidgey and Snorlax respectively).
    2. If your Pokémon's health reaches zero, it is dead and must be permanently boxed. No revives.
    3. You must nickname all of your Pokémon. They are not tools to be used; they are your only friends in this run.
    4. Your starter must remain on your team at all times. If he is killed, the run is failed.
    5. You are not allowed to use status-healing items under any circumstance.
    6. You are not allowed to leave a gym until everyone is defeated.
    7. You are not allowed to leave an area that has been infiltrated by Team Flare until every member has been defeated.
    8. If a Pokémon dies while holding an item, the item is unusable and must be thrown away.
    Awwwwwwwwww~ So cute~ I struggle with Poke-Amie, to be honest. I don't know how to gain their friendship other than feeding them and petting them. But they get full and stop showing the little hearts when I pet them...
    Just don't expect him to do that again next year. If he was clever enough to come up with a Pachirisu build that won him the whole World VGC, then he's smart enough to know people are gonna have counters ready for it next time.
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