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Bubble Beam
Last Activity:
Mar 20, 2013
Nov 28, 2012
Likes Received:

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Bubble Beam

Bubble Buddy!, from Somewhere, on the planet earth

Bubble Beam was last seen:
Mar 20, 2013
    1. spyro and sonic
    2. spyro and sonic
      spyro and sonic
      It's my main character in EoS.^_^
    3. WinterStarlight
      Aww, it's okay! I'm sure you're busy with other stuff~
      XD I've actually had this avatar for a looooong time, so we're equal! XD
      I'm doing great~! How about you? :D
    4. WinterStarlight
      Lol! We have such long buddy names. xD *gasp* You're losing motivation! Change it, and maybe you'll get your spirit back! 8D
      Ikr? And they kind of look alike as well. But it's probably just me. xD
    5. spyro and sonic
      spyro and sonic
      Congrats, you ranked up!:D

      So did I.:)
    6. WinterStarlight
      That's fine. :) I haven't been that active here as well.
      Yep~ cutest thing ever! Besides Oshawott... :33
    7. Princess StrawBerry
    8. WinterStarlight
      Should we change our avis today? 8D
      Nah, that's completely fine. I don't give out those type of information either, so it's fine. :)
    9. spyro and sonic
      spyro and sonic

    10. spyro and sonic
      spyro and sonic
      oh, lol. But still, hopefully she's come to reality.

      sure, I'll listen.:)
    11. spyro and sonic
      spyro and sonic
      2 years? Maybe she's changed in that time.:)
    12. WinterStarlight
      The "Always Changing Avatars Club" or the ACAC for short. xD
      Lucky! You're still in your holiday break, but I'm guessing you're a college student so that would make sense. ^^
    13. spyro and sonic
      spyro and sonic
      No worries, my house is never clean.XD ←Serebii y u no have smilie for this

      She seems like fun, just make sure she doesn't look on you as inferior.
    14. spyro and sonic
      spyro and sonic
      Lemme guess, doctor?XD
    15. spyro and sonic
      spyro and sonic
      Well, dfectroll was banned. That means all accounts using EK's IP are gone. This should all be over now.
    16. spyro and sonic
      spyro and sonic
      I'm pretty sure there's no more hacking because something was supposed to happen an hour ago and it never did.

      People are beginning to think I'm hacked now......
    17. spyro and sonic
      spyro and sonic
      Hey, how are you?

      It is, it definitely is
      There ya go.
    18. spyro and sonic
      spyro and sonic
      It's a problem with the site then. No idea what though.

      Lol, dark just closed like 10 topics at once.

      I'll go check if you have any other gb posts...
    19. spyro and sonic
      spyro and sonic
      Try deleting your browsing history and clearing the cache. Best I can think of though I am not certain.

      That was just me, I said: hiiiiiiiiiiiii.XD
    20. spyro and sonic
      spyro and sonic
      You should be completely safe then.:) In the rare occurence he looks for IP's just use a proxy(it disguises your IP).

      TBH, I don't even know what Addware is, sorry.
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  • About

    Somewhere, on the planet earth
    Favourite Pokémon:
    I am a humungous pokeomon fan since I was like 3 or 4 years old, all I did was collect pokemon merch and watch the anime, I learnt about pokemon through the show.
    My first pokemon game was pokemon Diamond in 2007, now I try my best to -
    Buy them all!

    OMG I like Pikachu, basically because the anime is what introduced me to pokemon, but I am starting to like Victini, Mew and Chikorita alot too.

    Le Shiny Pokemon section~

    MM shiny Roggenrola hunt:
    21 eggs.

    Shiny Magicarp - Platinum ( evolved ;__; )
    Shiny Tepig - Pokemon White
    Shiny Suicune, Shiny Raikou - Diamond, event.
    Entei, graveler, Terrakion, Cobalion and more - trade.

    Wasting my life, having fun, no work, getting paid - Oh, I think I have the wrong idea here...


    You just saw Bubble Beam's signature.