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Oct 16, 2014
May 29, 2010
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August 31

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Well-Known Member, from London

Bubblewrap was last seen:
Oct 16, 2014
    1. Pokemon Whisperer Natural Harmonia Gropius
    2. Roald
      brock sucks
    3. Zweilous
      THE GAME, yo.
    4. Galladeedee
      would be able to take requests? it wouldn't be as many pokemon as your sig (only 6), but I would really love a team picture :)
    5. Janovy
      Hey! :D

      Sorry for not being online, I've been busy. School is such a pain. <_<

      How are you? ^^
    6. Galladeedee
      hi there, i was wondering if you made that picture of all those pokemon in your sig? if not, may i ask who did?
    7. KingMinun
      Thanks Bubblewrap, its true that place needs more DP fans now. I guess I'll check out the non spoilers part. Where DP can be discussed. So your not watching BW when it airs?
    8. poizonsting
      Yeah I watched them, although can't wait for the dubs to come out.

      Dawn's special was repetitive in my opinion. Ariados. String shot(?). Plot-wise, it was average.

      I was utterly disappointed by the Brock's special, however. The battles were quite entertaining, but for once, can't they just let Brock win a major battle? What's the deal with nurse Joy having a Latias anyway? I'm still in a dilemma about whether she befriended her or she actually captured her in a pokeball like Tobias. Considering the Rhyperior species ain't no pushovers, I assumed Latias vs. Rhyperior would end in a tie similar to Latios vs. Pikachu. Oh well, I guess it's another way of saying "hey Forrest isn't an experienced battler/gym leader yet". I'm still perplexed about how Sudowoodo lost to a Chansey. Not like Chansey is a weak Pokemon or anything of that sort - but with powerful moves like Double-Edge and Hammer Arm - Sudowoodo is yet to be seen in his full potential.

      I hope they make more Brock specials, because from the looks of it there is room for more to wrap up Brock as a character. I won't be surprised if he made a cameo in Unova as well.
    9. poizonsting
      Hey, did you watch the Brock (and Dawn) specials?
    10. blob
      Apparently he's doing Storyboards and Directing episodes of Pokémon BW!
      I was shocked when I found it out! I guess Ueda is a part of every BW episode. ;)

      Sorry for the late response.
    11. Pepsi_Plunge
      I dont base my opinions on designs when its an actual character, still if I have to base myself on their designs I really like Dento and Iris so I dont have any reason to not like them till now, Iris is fun and I still dont know how Dento will be so, I am pretty happy with them :D.
    12. poizonsting
      You're one of the very few people in this forum who jumps in defense of Brock. He's my favourite character in the anime since season 1 besides May and a few others, and I'd hate to see him go this time around. Although it's pure speculation until this point that he's leaving, the evidence is strong. Like I mentioned on one of the threads if they're just gonna replace him with a clone of himself, why not just keep Brock? Brock still has a huge popularity worldwide (just not in this forum), and the writers are taking a big risk by replacing him altogether. I mean his personality is just unmatched
    13. Umbilical Noose
      Umbilical Noose
      I apologize. I jumped the gun. You should have provided the source. People don't usually believe others that easily. Specially when same thing happened yesterday.
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