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  • would be able to take requests? it wouldn't be as many pokemon as your sig (only 6), but I would really love a team picture :)
    Thanks Bubblewrap, its true that place needs more DP fans now. I guess I'll check out the non spoilers part. Where DP can be discussed. So your not watching BW when it airs?
    Yeah I watched them, although can't wait for the dubs to come out.

    Dawn's special was repetitive in my opinion. Ariados. String shot(?). Plot-wise, it was average.

    I was utterly disappointed by the Brock's special, however. The battles were quite entertaining, but for once, can't they just let Brock win a major battle? What's the deal with nurse Joy having a Latias anyway? I'm still in a dilemma about whether she befriended her or she actually captured her in a pokeball like Tobias. Considering the Rhyperior species ain't no pushovers, I assumed Latias vs. Rhyperior would end in a tie similar to Latios vs. Pikachu. Oh well, I guess it's another way of saying "hey Forrest isn't an experienced battler/gym leader yet". I'm still perplexed about how Sudowoodo lost to a Chansey. Not like Chansey is a weak Pokemon or anything of that sort - but with powerful moves like Double-Edge and Hammer Arm - Sudowoodo is yet to be seen in his full potential.

    I hope they make more Brock specials, because from the looks of it there is room for more to wrap up Brock as a character. I won't be surprised if he made a cameo in Unova as well.
    Apparently he's doing Storyboards and Directing episodes of Pokémon BW!
    I was shocked when I found it out! I guess Ueda is a part of every BW episode. ;)

    Sorry for the late response.
    I dont base my opinions on designs when its an actual character, still if I have to base myself on their designs I really like Dento and Iris so I dont have any reason to not like them till now, Iris is fun and I still dont know how Dento will be so, I am pretty happy with them :D.
    You're one of the very few people in this forum who jumps in defense of Brock. He's my favourite character in the anime since season 1 besides May and a few others, and I'd hate to see him go this time around. Although it's pure speculation until this point that he's leaving, the evidence is strong. Like I mentioned on one of the threads if they're just gonna replace him with a clone of himself, why not just keep Brock? Brock still has a huge popularity worldwide (just not in this forum), and the writers are taking a big risk by replacing him altogether. I mean his personality is just unmatched
    I apologize. I jumped the gun. You should have provided the source. People don't usually believe others that easily. Specially when same thing happened yesterday.
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