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    Welcome to the forums!

    Welcome to the forums!
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    BW057 : Scraggy & Gothita

    What is the actual relevance of the Mandibuzz in this episode? Or wait, is it the CoTDs? Sorry, I really haven't been following.
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    The Game! I know you just lost it, I'm sorry. :-(

    The Game! I know you just lost it, I'm sorry. :-(
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    The Game. 10char

    The Game. 10char
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    So I see you have come to make me lose here! But I will not take it! I am a strong, stable...

    So I see you have come to make me lose here! But I will not take it! I am a strong, stable person. Your bullets will not pierce me.
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    Why do you think The creators made Brock leave

    Lol I post so rarely on these forums. The writers didn't get rid of him because he 'overstayed his welcome' or 'didn't get much screentime'. That was the writers move, the characters don't have a mind of their own. The writers obviously intentionally didn't give him much screentime. Anyways I...
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    Honest opinions of the Pokemon Anime

    As a whole, I like the series. Original Seires: Was only meant to last as long as up to the end of Kanto. I haven't seen all of the OS, but watching it now sort of annoys. There was a lot of weird things they put in that weren't very great, plot, humour and character wise. However it has some...
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    What do you want to see happen story-wise to the main cast this gen by the end?

    I'd like for Ash to come second in the league and lose. I know it's not an amazing result, but I don't want him to win the league with a poor selection of pokemon that he doesn't train properly. He either needs to use his good pokemon to win, or actually win in the Kanto league which is my...
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    BW 038: Sommelier Detective Dento! The Tabunne Disappearance Case!!

    Wow. This sounds so exciting! I can't wait! Oh wait, it doesn't. Dento is boring and nothing he brings to the show is interesting. I don't like detective mysteries so this doesn't sound very interesting to me. It also just seems like a filler before the movie, but if Dento catches this...
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    BW026 - Fishing conference

    I hope this episode never airs. Just kidding, but seriously. I couldn't really care less. Due to my hatred indifference towards Cilan, and the fact this was probably a filler.
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    Which Pokemon episode made you cry?

    DP188, DP190, DP191. lol
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    Will Brock ever come back?

    The only reason I'm still sticking around, and yes I mean this truthfully, is my false hope Brock will one day return. Whether that is for a cameo, or for good. He was in the show SINCE THE BEGINNING all the way up until only LAST SEPTEMBER. Whether his voice actor has quit or not is a...
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    Why do you think Dawn & Brock did not get a bigger role in their own movie?

    All of Brock's focus episodes were quite static. As in, there was never much adventure, or movement. This sounds strange, but when would you ever find Brock in an episode by himself walking around, lost in a woods when he gets attacked or something? Maybe DP14 and Doc Brock, but barely. Brock...
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    BW026 - Fishing conference

    I can't wait to see how much Cilan changes when he is fishing. I'm so excited.
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    BW026 - Fishing conference

    Wow, another Cilan episode? How... thrilling. :/ And about fishing? I couldn't BE more excited.