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  • Cool job closing your shop so others can't see, but don't worry these shall go to the mods:

    I know Eppie in person. And furthermore, I am RNG abusing for over 2 years now, collected almost every Pokémon there is. And yeah I used an AR code for my Arceus, but the RNG abuse was 100% legit. I removed it from my thread, so it's pretty lame to bring such old things up.

    You did not get the Mew from me, but Eppie's Pokémon are not for trade. None of them. So I don't know who you got it from, but that person is lying to you.

    And don't act so tough by saying all my stuff might be hacked. You don't know who you are talking to. Check http://www.smogon.com/forums/showthread.php?t=86663 to see all the stuff I RNG abused. ;)

    I'm not here to argue with people, and I'm not new here. So I update my shop twice a year, so what. Don't act so tough dude, just shut the **** up or get cancer or something. I don't care my shop gets deleted or whatsoever.
    Hey, nice trade shop! Things are a bit different at Serebii, unfortunately. We have a rule that states that your trade shop must start off with at least 10 Haves and Wants no matter what, which of course if pretty different from Smogon, in which you just post placeholders then edit your posts.

    Basically, can you go ahead and re-submit a new thread? Just putting it half-complete is fine - you just need those 10 Haves/Wants. If you want me to PM you your old contents, feel free to tell me!
    Are u a good trainer? I want a battle against a good one
    serebii has a horrible reputation for trading, which is why many smogonites don't want their pokemon traded on serebii
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