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bug pro
Last Activity:
Feb 6, 2015
May 28, 2011
Likes Received:
Ehm... Were I am?
Being Awesome. It's easy.

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bug pro

Pearl on Phone, from Ehm... Were I am?

bug pro was last seen:
Feb 6, 2015
    1. AquaMilotic
      What's that?
    2. Snigeln
      Sorry, har varit och repat hela dagen, såg inte medelandet förens nu. :/
      Spelar gärna någon annan gång dock. :D
    3. Escheria
      Oh? You want to program games? I have no experience with game engines, because the only games I had to program were either console based or built from zero. So i can't help you there....
    4. Midnite♪
      Well, I could perhaps get a couple of my friends to play on EU-NE, too.
    5. Escheria
      Then I advise you to start with an easier programming language. Python or Java are fine for starters :)
    6. Garchomp96
      yeah log time no seen how have you been?
    7. Escheria
      I'm a computer science student and have to do programming all the time :). It is mostly fun, though sometimes it can be frustrating (Computer graphics, I love it!)
    8. Porgon-XYZ
      OH HAI, LONG TIME NO SEE!:D (that ever popular phrase)
    9. Escheria
      No need to push yourself with german :)
    10. Escheria
      Haha, why not talk english?
      Yes my current residence is Switzerland and no I am not native swiss.
    11. Snigeln
      Njae, den som är free för veckan, men support är vanligare.
      Kör mest bara tank på 3v3, då är Rammus en favorit. :D
    12. Snigeln
      Typ 10, 11.
      Jag kör antingen support (Zoraka, Sona) eller tank (den som är free). :)
    13. Snigeln
      Äsch... :/
      Jag kör LoL lite då och då, men inte minecraft. Mitt namn på LoL är ModestMystery. :)
    14. PokemonTrainerKaden
    15. PokemonTrainerKaden
      Alright thats fine. I'll ask him what he wants me to do with the clan while he's gone and hope he answers soon.
    16. Jew Bagel
      Jew Bagel

      Well, if you want, you can crash out at my Clan untill Darkwoods opens up. I will most likely submit the OP today or tomorrow :D
    17. life207
      It sounds to me like bribery... I like it. Pm me the forum link. plz
    18. Jew Bagel
      Jew Bagel
      Oh wow, thats tough luck.
    19. manaphy72
      There is going to be a unknown length delay on Clan Darkwoods. Reason is on my VM wall. Sorry, hopefully it will be up in a month. Im not sure though. Please tell ZoruaRuler.
    20. Jew Bagel
      Jew Bagel
      Oh really, thats pretty good. :3
      Is it gonna be you and Manaphy like the first time as the leaders?

      I might join, but right now I am in the process of opening up my own clan :P
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    Ehm... Were I am?
    Being Awesome. It's easy.
    Favourite Pokémon:
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    Pokémon, Strategy Creation, Buildin' Lego, Team Fortress 2


    Sassy :624: Jolly :627:

    Doing a second playthrough of Pearl using a Android emulator.