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  • yes.....i dont use this move much but indeed....is also a stabbed move and can revover a great quantity of life...and what is your favorite bug pokemon?
    they also have powerfull attacks as like Leaf Blade and Solar beam....and indeed.......in a focus sash pokemon, it can be really a pain XD and some grass can learn bug moves like bug bite and x scizor
    for sure yes. im a totaly grass lover/maniac XD all of my starters of pokemon gb,gba and ds was the grass type and even the pokemon mistery dungeon. i have a grass type on my team. EEvolutions, i love leafeon as you can see =o from DW my favorite one is Tsutaaja ( got usual to cal Snivy like this ) lol. and so, how are you? and a sad thing.....grass is weak about BUG =(
    Hey can you help me create a pokemon white team? (I can get whimsicott)
    So here are some rules:
    - No 3x weaknesses (Having lets say leavanny unfezant and vanniluxe are on my team, they all have a weakness to rock making half my team have a weakness to rock)
    - None of the same type.
    - No pokemon that come after oplecuid city! or ones that evolve after level 50
    - I want three physical pokemon, and three Special pokemon.
    So here is what I have so far:
    -Pokemon that can learn Fly or a Flying Type
    Thanks bronzong#1 I really feel welcome. Everyone is just so nice here.
    Do you have any favourite bug pkmn?
    Welcome to serebii I wanted to make it fell more personal so I wanted to greet you here, so wecome to serebii, have fun, make friends, and if you need a friend ask me and Bug is one of my all time favorite types Yanmega sealed the deal for me on that one
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