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  • I don't have "mains" I pretty much pick whatever our team needs. And I like to switch it up. But I do like anivia and ziggs. Name: Wafflezzzzzz. Us server. And level 30
    Är inte hemma då, ska repa inför ett gig på fredag.
    Kommer vara upptagen ganska mycket den här och nästa vecka, kanske även senare. :/
    Kanske det :p
    I helgen är jag borta typ hela tiden och helgen efter det oxå typ. :p
    Kanske nu på onsdag eller torsdag, men jag har mycket att göra, vi får se. :/
    The idea of a power ranger/ninja bug, plus the fact that it's extremely fast is kinda nice. And I like how it has some sort of a scarf swaying in the air. But it has no feet (looks like a super hero wrapped up and kidnapped by its nemesis), and the colour choice was meh...pale green star, pinkish blue 'helm' and blue body, seriouslly?
    Yeah, exactly. For example, programming games is very different from programming websites. In games you need to push the hardware to it's limits and have as much freedom as possible to create best game ever, so a lot of code optimizations are made. Since games are one-off product, the code doesn't need to be maintainable, meaning that once it's done - it's done and no updates are made.
    Websites, as an example of software that are meant to be extensible, easily modifiable, must be also programmed so. One must also keep readability in mind, as other people might be involved and must understand your code too.
    .. I hope it's not too much complicated words^^;
    Well, the thing is, that game engine often use a custom scripting language, which is limited to that application, only. I've never used any game engine, I made games from scratch instead, so no wonder I'm not familiar with those scripting languages :). I am more familiar with Java, C/C++ and stuff like that. Notice that one of these is the language what that engine is built in ;).
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