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  • Wow, you learned all of that from spending years here? To think, you could have gotten the same things from listening to an R.E.M. greatest hits CD in ~40 minutes.

    Yeah, Dratini's Den was weird. Frankly, since I can't find any trace of it anymore, I'm not completely convinced that it ever existed. Possibly just a mass e-hallucination.
    I was doing okay, but then I saw your post where you said that you joined this forum when you were 12, and now feel like I unknowingly participated in corrupting a youth with the rest of Misc. Which I'm cool with, I just wish I'd known because now I feel like I didn't do my part to corrupt you enough.
    BUG. Please tell me 2 things. That you're still relatively active around here, and that you remember me at least slightly? :D
    Some stuff in the picture thread... Yeti was ripping mattj and some alt accounts were involved...I missed half of it myself
    Profesco you dog!

    Cobalt_Latios' response made it even better.
    Glad you caught that too, BUG. I was starting to feel kind of inappropriate, with no one else seeming to catch on and all. ^_^;
    That's also my brother's name, actually you friend requested me, and coo'.

    ...We should nip this in the bud and stop.
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