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  • Wow, you learned all of that from spending years here? To think, you could have gotten the same things from listening to an R.E.M. greatest hits CD in ~40 minutes.

    Yeah, Dratini's Den was weird. Frankly, since I can't find any trace of it anymore, I'm not completely convinced that it ever existed. Possibly just a mass e-hallucination.
    I was doing okay, but then I saw your post where you said that you joined this forum when you were 12, and now feel like I unknowingly participated in corrupting a youth with the rest of Misc. Which I'm cool with, I just wish I'd known because now I feel like I didn't do my part to corrupt you enough.
    BUG. Please tell me 2 things. That you're still relatively active around here, and that you remember me at least slightly? :D
    Gameteen.net is latest online free 10,000 popular flash games with greatest players, fun games, play now.

    Some stuff in the picture thread... Yeti was ripping mattj and some alt accounts were involved...I missed half of it myself
    Profesco you dog!

    Cobalt_Latios' response made it even better.
    Glad you caught that too, BUG. I was starting to feel kind of inappropriate, with no one else seeming to catch on and all. ^_^;
    That's also my brother's name, actually you friend requested me, and coo'.

    ...We should nip this in the bud and stop.
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