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  • Well, most League's and Guild's do things separate. The League Owner may associate with other League Owners in making Tournaments to promote their leagues, but it must be something they're willing to participate in, and yes at the moment it is slow, but its slowly trying to pick back up. As for Guild's that are with League's, its to promote joining their Guild mostly, and its to allow member's not in the Guild to participate in the League. Guild only things stay in Guild's while we branch it out if we would like to allow non-guild member to participate.
    Yeah, some of us do post, not everyone. I don't get it that much, when you join something, its like saying you're going to post there from time to time. And yeah, usually if I am the last Post, I just edit that Post.
    I know what you mean. Its the reason why I am helping out most league owners with keeping the League up-to-date when they're not online to do so. Of course only they can update the OP.
    Sorry to see your League close again, just at the moment, the Competitive Section is very slow and low on Activity. Koume did his League by having them all on Facebook as well to get in touch with each other which was very smart. But yeah, I've just been doing battles every here and there, but more Breeding and Trading than anything.
    Nevermind, I have to go do something. I was just going to see how your teams coming along.
    Is it just me, or are you always online, lol. So it turns out my match vs claw is the only one remaining, gosh it's difficult to catch him online, and when we both are online I'm busy battling others.
    My team has won all it's practice matches, most had Mega's and legends used which isn't allowed in this comp, it makes it easier.
    Well I have the option of changing Rotom to the type I need and/or use my Heliolisk and Eelektross who have great movepools.
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