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  • Greetings dear!!!
    I am very happy to write this mail to you and it gives me great joy and happiness to say hi to you this day. I am interested in creating good relationship with you and if you do not mind, we can be good friends. I hope to tell you more about myself and my family when next i write after hearing back from you. A little about me; My name is Miss linda,20 years old, single and never married. I hope that we can be friends and keep contact with each other if God wishes. Please do emai(lindamahachi@yahoo.com)
    and tell me about yourself so we can build our friendship from there. My approach may also sound strange but i have chosen to make a good partner from outside my country for my own special reasons. If only i will be given a chance and hand of friendship,i will make myself more clearer and you will also reason with me on my decision to contact you. It takes a day to make a friend and i hope you are one i can count on. I am emailing to know if this is a right friend so i will send you my pictures when you respond. Thank you and God bless.(Remember that distance,age or colour does not matter in a real relationship but love matters alot). I am waiting for your reply now!
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