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  • I got the game for Christmas and just started playing it today(I've been too busy playing Sonic Colors and DKCR; those are fun games). From what I can tell, the story is good and the camera has issues. Sometimes, I wish things were explained better(the clock king came out of nowhere; I assume the mad doctor was bored one day?). Not living up to its hype, but rather average to me.
    No need to appoligize, Buizelster! We all become a bit too passionate about our oppinions at times ; I never visit the anime section anymore because of this! I didn't know much about the game's reception, so hearing your oppinion made me do a bit a research on how it faired against reviewers.

    It would be cooler if the game looked more like the concept art, but I'm still interested enough to play it for Christmas, if only for the story and to see if I recognize anyone.
    Everyone's entitled to something I suppose. I can definitely see where you're coming from though. Heck, even I overreact to things every once and a while.

    just saw episode 5... it revolved around one shotacon of a school nurse. Resulted in some of the funniest sh!t I've seen all season (even if we're only about halfway into it). XD
    hey, have you seen the new series Star Driver? I think this might be an example of troperiffic, except instead of being based on old-school, hot-blooded mecha anime like Gurren Laggan, this one focuses more on the bishounen-filled new age mecha anime. Still manages to be delightfully cheesy though, with the main protagonist quite literally being referred to as the legendary "Ginga Bishounen" (Galaxy Pretty Boy). Did I mention that every time he goes into his mecha, he goes through a fabuloooooous transformation sequence? XD
    Oh hi,long time no see.Man it has been too long.Whats up,has there happened anything new?
    Glad to hear from you again.

    Speaking of Misty i never considered you as hater or anything and i agree with you when it comes to immature fans.Sure we had some arguings over it in past over subject with said characters return as main but thats fine.People have different opinions and i respect that.
    It's great. Although they aren't technically in the new world but I gwet what you mean. I can't believe Luffy destroyed that Pascifista with one punch.
    hey, wonder if you'd be interested in this. It seems to be a fanmade listing of the best anime openings... from the '90s.
    wasn't there a lot of general disappointment in Twilight Princess, especially after all the hype leading up to it? Well, whatever, your point is made. But really, there must some better way of saying something's the most overrated in a franchise than comparing it to FFVII, because FFVII's hype is just ridiculous on all possible levels. At least Bandai moved on from Tamers, to the point where it only really glorifies the Guilmon line (well, more just Guilmon and Dukemon) anymore. Square-Enix barely gives the other entries in Final Fantasy a chance to shine at all, as evidenced by the overabundance of VII characters in Kingdom Hearts, among other things. Hell, I bet the only reason Dissidia made a "one hero and one villian per game" rule was because having an FF-based fighter any other way would clutter up the roster with FFVII more than the Mario franchise does in Smash Bros.
    Hm I wonder if that means Naruto is Twilight level. XD
    Just about... But twilight has horny angsty emos instead of just plain anstgy ones
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