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Recent content by Buizeru

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    Fake Card Madness

    Eh, they're all right.
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    Fun Fact

    Arceus says hi. :/ Dialga DOES exist, and exists in all times, because all times would be now.
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    Did You Know?

    Wow, this are really interesting!
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    Short YGO Story

    You know what, screw you. I can use italics if I want. And, is not the point a a short story to be, you know, short? I'm so sick and tired of being criticized rudely by jerks like you. From now on, just to piss you off, I'm going to give everything of yours a bad rating, so you can see how it feels.
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    Short YGO Story

    Here's just a Yu-Gi-Oh story, a short one. I'm quite proud of it. The duel was drawing to a close. Each player only had three cards left. Each player was down to a few hundred LP, barely clinging on. The crowd was in such a hush, you could here a pin drop a couple feet off. Then everyone...
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    Pokemon Ranger: Legends in the making *Sign-up's*

    Name: Ato Hatake Age: 21 Gender: Male Description: Ato bares the normal Ranger style, but wears blue shorts instead of the normal pants; a declare on difference, angering the other Rangers while still sliping by the code of clothes. Besides this rather bizzare difference, Ato looks...
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    DP:Shining Forest

    What's with the mentally retarded names?
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    Dialga and the Dark Ridges

    Yes, you're in
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    Hi. *Breathes in*: Have fun, read the rules, don't start a fight with anyone, make some friends, be sure to post alot, be sure to be active alot, and anything else I can think of.
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    Glalie or Yukimenoko?

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    "Trainers Against Clones" club

    I'll join. Why? 'Cause newbs would go around with a team full of hacked Aruseus/Mewtwos >_>
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    ~*Bishie Thread*~

    Old Bishounen/Bishoujo: Meowth from Pokemon on Monday, October 16 2006 @ 5:23 PM New Bishounen/Bishoujo: Mukkubird from Pokemon Friday, December 29 2006 @ 8:36 PM
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    wich pokemon can survive the heat the most

    Buuburn, Dosaidon, and Groudon, all hands down.
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    What Made Your PokeDay

    I have a Pichu waiting for me in Emerald, and I have a shexy level 48 Crobat on Leaf Green.
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    Dialga and the Dark Ridges

    Vincent was walking through a small forest. "So many new Pokemon. . ." he said. "Better find the prof. (Can't spell right now xD) fast if I want to find out what some of these Pokemon are." After while of walking, he heard a ruslte in the leaves. "Who's there?" he stated firmly. "Who's...